4 Days Getaway to Iceland

4 Days Getaway to Iceland

Date: December: 15th, 22nd January: 5th, 12th, 19th , 26th February: 2nd, 16th , March: 1st, 8th, 15th , 22nd , 29th April: 5th, 12th , 19th , 26th

Discover the winter highlights of Iceland through a short trip to Reykjavik!

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5 Days Finland Tales of Lapland

5 Days Finland Tales of Lapland

Season: 07 Jan 2024 – 02 Apr 2024

Welcome to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and the Santa’s official home!
Lapland is the perfect place to relax and at the same time live exciting moments by trying out various activities such as snowmobiling, reindeer safaris or dog sledding.
A stay in Lapland will remain engraved in your memories for a long time. Located on the Arctic Circle, this small town is perfect for a holiday alone or with a family and offers a wide range of first- class services to visitors.

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Urabandai Early Winter Package

Urabandai Early Winter Package

Season: 17-26 Dec
Enjoy the early winter snow scenery in Urabandai. The lakes and ponds are not frozen at this time of year, so you can walk through the blue ponds in the snow. You can also experience trekking on snow.

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2 Days Oni Trek and Cycle

2 Days Oni Trek and Cycle

A short 1 night 2 day journey through the land of oni. Head out to the ancient Oeyama Mountains and spend 2 days hiking and cycling through the trails and village roads.

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Urabandai Autumn Experience

Urabandai Autumn Experience

Season: 18 Sep – 7 Oct (Early Autumn), 23 Oct – 31 Oct

Experience the best of Urabandai in Fukushima with the chance to stay in a mountain lodge in the early autumn.

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Guest’s Reviews

Wonderful Experience!

best moment of the trip? Interaction with locals and learning about culture and history of the place and people. It makes the trip more meaningful and motivates me to want to go back to Sarawak to learn more.

He Shimin

Bengoh Valley 15-17 Mar 2023

  • Drivers/ guides were pretty much punctual most of the time (max 10mins wait) and this is something I appreciate a lot. They are experienced and able to answer our questions to clarify any doubts.
  • Best moments: To ascent to the summit and take in the breathtaking views with my 2 sons.’
  • Everything is good and we truly enjoyed the experience a lot.
  • The briefing notes were sufficient. As long as your local partner is punctual and knowledgeable, some of the questions can only be cleared when we are there with them.

Mt Kinabalu 27-30 Nov 2022

Had used X-Trekkers 3 other times before & had been happy with them, so repeating custom.
Best moment: Whole trip because of group dynamics & good weather. Admittedly these didn’t have much to do with X-Trekkers but they provided good platform for our group.


Mt Kinabalu 11-14 Oct 22

The logistics for the trip was well arranged.
The guides took good care of us. As this is my second trip to MK, I know what to expect, so safety is not a concern. My one comment is that if we were to hike in heavy rains, the guides could have briefed us on precautions to take, such as hot water flask, carrying headlamp, whistle, etc in case of mishaps.
Best moment: To arrive back at Timpohon gate! This is the highlight, not the summit as descending is a major task for my bad knees.
Very detailed briefing notes.

S E Ong

Mt Kinabalu 11-15 Oct 22

How well do you think we have managed to run the trip? 4
How would you grade our crews? 5
Rate the trek: 3
Best moment of the trip? Why? Camping at edelweiss field
Moment you least enjoyed? Climbing to the peak
1 word to describe your experience: Cold


Mt Gede 19-20 Sep 22

best moment of the trip? Why? The good service and prompt reply by x-trekkers staff
Moment you least enjoyed? Fear of getting COVID19 before and during the trip
1 word to describe your experience: Great time trekking at the Dolomites

Raymond Wong

Dolomites Trekking 11-18 Jun 22

2 weeks ago

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1 month ago

A hike up Mt Nodake from Nita Pass. Very few people do the hike here. Along the 40mins hike, have great views at the observation platform. The last part to peak was not very clear and it was really a small area at the peak. At the moment the shuttle bus from Unzen Onsen to Nita Pass is not in service. So one need to take a taxi or walk the distance 3km (about 1.5hr).#unzen #explorekyushu #hikinginjapan ... See MoreSee Less
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