Conservation through conversion.
Wouldn’t you want to live in world where your children and your children’s children can still see sharks alive?

The Trigger

About 400 sharks are killed each day at Tanjung Luar, Lombok, Indonesia. Their fins are exported to countries such as Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, where shark-fin soup is consumed. This is not sustainable given the slow reproduction rate of sharks. Furthermore, the biggest earners from this trade are the fin traders. In comparison, the boat owners and fishermen are paid trifling sums but toil the hardest, seeing little of the profits made within the lucrative shark-finning industry.

The Vision & Mission

The Dorsal Effect began with a vision to put an end to shark-finning and fishing in Lombok, Indonesia. After several trips, with more interaction with the local Lombok fishermen and hearing their life stories, the vision expanded. To save the sharks, we needed to provide alternative livelihoods to exploited shark fishermen as well.

The Solution – Lombok Ecotourism Trip

The Dorsal Effect aims to help Lombok shark fishermen see the long-term and sustainable tourist value of sharks – alive than dead. Through snorkeling, diving and beach-hopping tours using the once-shark boats, they can earn more equitable income through a steady stream of tourists wanting to go on their boat tours.

Basic Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Lombok

Check in to Novotel at Kuta. Beach and reef check out Kuta area

Day 2: Lombok

Head to Tanjung Luar fish market for information gathering and survey of seafood and sharks caught at the fish market

Local lunch at the fish market

PM – visit homes and schools of the local fishermen

Day 3: Lombok

Head back to Tanjung Luar fish market for ecotourism boat trip.

Marine ID of the marine life there and understanding the possibility of restoring the marine life at the reefs as well as introduction of sustainable fishing.

Day 4: Lombok

AM – head to Senggigi and Gili Islands
PM – visiting local school on Gili Trawangan: visiting Gili Eco Trust at Gili Islands and finding out about the work that they do (Biorock project, shark conservation with Bali Sharks, local schools marine education)

Day 5: Depart Lombok


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