This is an off-the-beaten track in Siguniang Mountains of Aba Tibetan Autonomous Region. The range of 6,000 meter peaks is less than a day drive northwest of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province – China.

The saber shaped Mt Siguniang stands at 6,250m, the highest point of the Qionglai mountains.This pristine section of the Qionglai range is composed of three parallel north-south running valleys, namely: Shuangqiao Gully, Changping Gully and Haizi Gully.

Together with a local guide, horse(s) as porters, we’ll follow the ancient horse trail zigzagging through the forests in the Changpinggou and Haizi gully. Carpeted with age-old pines and cypresses and many beautiful lakes, the gully takes us through old growth juniper and hemlock forests, presenting an atmosphere of a fairyland.

Basic Itinerary

Day 1 Chengdu to Siguniang Town. (5 hours,230KM, 3200m)

Day 2 Hiking in Changping Valley (5 hours, 20KM, 3200m-3600m)

Day 3 Hiking to the base camp of Peak 1. (6-7 hours, 18KM, 3200m-4500m)

Day 4 Hiking to the Peak 1, and retreat to Dahaizi Lake. (5 hours, 10KM, 4500m-5200m-4000m)

Day 5 Hiking out of the valley (6-7 hours, 18KM, 4000m-3200m)

Day 6 Visit Shuangqiaogou Valley and back to Chengdu (8 hours, 230KM, 500m)

Day 7 Chengdu airport send off.

Itinerary and Cost