Sikkim, one of the tiniest states in India but is definitely a prized Jewel. This is the home of the Khangchendzonga and many other holy mountains ranging from 5000 to 7000m+. Although a lot of people visit Sikkim to view its snow mammoths, but what is also thoroughly enjoyed is the dense jungles filled with such diversity along the way. The Barsey Rhododendron sanctuary is a large forest that covers some 10 area home to several species of Rhododendron, Primula, Magnolia, Oaks and Pine. It lies at an altitude range of 2200 to 4100m and supports an amazing variety of bio-diversity. Walking through the sanctuary, one can encounter various kinds of forests: Sub-Tropical Forests, Mixed Broad leaf Forests, Conifer Forests and Alpine Meadows. Hundred of bird species make this sanctuary their home. This is also the habitat of the red panda, which is a threatened species. This is a great small trip for people looking to just enjoy their time in the outdoors with some awesome forest topped with some stunning Himalayan scenery.

Grade: Easy

Days: 08

Max Altitude: 3500m

Land Cost: S$ 1338