13 Days Gem of Mongolia Trekking Tour

Kharkhiraa trekking

13 Days Gem of Mongolia Trekking Tour
Date: 28 June -10 July, 9-21 Aug (4 confirmed) 2020
13 Days / 12 Nights
Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Demanding
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Trekking in Far North West Mongolia – Mount Kharkhiraa Trek (13 Days with 9 Days of Trekking)

Trekking in the far north west of Mongolia is a spectacular experience as it takes you through permanently snow-capped mountains, glaciers, torrential rivers, lakes, sand dunes and wilderness of Mongolia has to offer. These summer treks are supported by camels as well as horses, covering a distance of about 120km and includes 2 high passes of 2930m and 2944m. Each trekker will carry a light pack with the day’s needs.

The trek is considered moderate with several deep river crossings which we will get a lift on horseback. The itinerary is the basic route the treks will take, but can vary according to the time of season, rainfall, weather and ground conditions.

Day 1 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, guided city tour. O/N Hotel (D) Day 2 Flight to Ulaangom Town & move to campsite. O/N Tent (BLD) Day 3 Trek to Blue Lake (1795m). O/N Tent (BLD) Day 4 Trek to Turgen Rivers (1860m). O/N Tent (BLD) Day 5 Trek to Dund Khoroo Mountain (2330m). O/N Tent (BLD) Day 6 Trek to Kharkhiraa Pass. O/N Tent (BLD) Day 7 Exploration of Alpine Lakes. O/N Tent (BLD) Day 8 Cross Kharkhiraa Pass (2944m) – Ereesen valley (2688m). O/N Tent (BLD) Day 9 Yamaat Pass (2959m) Crossing. O/N Tent (BLD) Day 10 Black Goat Valley Trek. O/N Tent (BLD) Day 11 Last day trekking (15km) and transfer to Ulgii town. O/N Hotel (BLD) Day 12 Return Flight to Ulaanbaatar. O/N Hotel (BD) Day 13 Departure (B)
ItineraryDay 1  Ulaanbaatar (Dinner, Hotel)

Upon arrival in Ulaanbaatar (UB) you will be met by your guide and transferred to a hotel in the city center. Time permitting you will be taken on a guided tour to some of the city’s highlights, including a giant Buddha statue at Mongolia’s main Buddhist center, the National museum and the central square. A traditional throat singing and contortion performance will be presented at the end of the day. At a welcome dinner you will be given an informal introduction to the tour ahead of you.

Day 2  Flight to Ulaangom Town (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

Transfer to airport and fly to Uvs province in western Mongolia inhabited by several ethnic minorities. They speak dialects slightly different from the common Mongolian tongue and are famous for “nursing” some of the legendary wrestlers of the nation. Just before landing you will see the country’s largest lake – the Uvs. After lunch we transfer to Uliastai valley and set up our first camp in the wilderness. Throughout the trek tents, food and luggage will be transported by 2 humped Bactrian camels that belong to ethnic Khoton nomads who will join us this evening

Day 3  Trek to Blue Lake (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

We start trekking by ascending the Uliastai pass (2410m) which will bring in to our view a fresh water alpine lake called the Blue Lake. Beyond the lake you will see rugged foothills of Kharkhiraa & Turgen peaks and their snow capped tops. After a picnic lunch we descend to the lake and trek along its shoreline until arriving to our camp site at 1795m above sea level. Our camel caravan will catch up with us soon after lunch and continue on to prepare camp and dinner. Such will be the routine for each trekking day. Tented overnight by the Blue Lake.

Day 4  Trek to Confluence of Kharkhiraa & Turgen Rivers (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

We curve around the lake, trek to the valley of Kharkhiraa river and continue along the riverside to its confluence with Turgen river. Both torrential rivers take source from vast glaciers of their namesake peaks. Each day we will need to cross mountain rivers and smaller streams. Across the deeper and faster ones you will be shuttled on horseback assisted by our camel drivers. Tonight we camp at Turgen river bank at 1860m above sea level. 50 meter high red rock cliffs on the opposite bank make an impressive backdrop to the campsite view.

Day 5  Trek to Dund Khoroo MT (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

It is an all day long ascent along the Kharkhiraa river at the end of which we will have gained almost 800 meters. The impressive red rock wall will continue alongside across the river. Rocky but well established trail steadily climbs up bringing more snowcapped peaks into our sight. A noticeable temperature drop can also be felt. Our camel caravan will be struggling harder to catch up with us. Tented overnight at 2330m above sea level. Time permitting we will visit one of the local herding families that graze their large flocks of sheep, goats and horses on the abundant alpine pastures.

Day 6  Trek to Kharkhiraa River (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

We continue trekking upstream along the Kharkhiraa river until arriving to its headspring. This is also the bottom of the main water dividing ridge. Several small streams are to be negotiated on foot.

Day 7  Exploration of Alpine Lakes (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

Although staying in the same campsite we have a somewhat challenging exploration excursion to several alpine lakes nestled at the southern foothill of the Turgen massif. Those wishing can rest at the camp or take some smaller hikes in the area.

Day 8 Kharkhiraa Pass Crossing (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

The most challenging trekking day. We first ascend 2944meter high Kharkhiraa pass which is a small plateau surrounded by glaciers. Views of the Turgen and Kharkhiraa peaks aligned north to south open from the top. We then descend to Ereesen valley in Olon Nuur valley, literally meaning “valley of many lakes” and trek along its edges to keep on drier trails and camp at an altitude of 2688m above sea level.

Day 9 Yamaat Pass Crossing (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

We traverse the the Olon Nuur valley and climb to a high pass at 2959m. The ascent is fairly gentle but the descent is steep. It brings us to the head of the Black Goat valley formed by two parallel ridges that extend from the Turgen peak. The lower slopes on both sides are densely forested. This is a home to the elusive Snow Leopard and wild mountain goat the former’s main prey. We erect the tent camp upon reaching the valley floor.

Day 10 Black Goat Valley Trek (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tent)

Throughout the day we trek downstream along a swift mountain river that flows through the Black Goat valley with wooded slopes on one side and rugged mountainsides on the other. This is a relatively easy day with a gentle incline throughout the way.

Day 11 Last day trekking (15km) and transfer to Ulgii town (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, hotel)

Last trekking day. We continue downstream along the Black Goat valley until our pick up point. We say good-bye to the Khoton camel drivers and drive to Ulgii town, the capital of the only Muslim province with the majority of its population comprised of Kazakhs. Tonight you will have a chance to enjoy some Kazakh songs and music, traditional delicacies and an overnight in a felt walled tent.

Day 12 Return Flight to Ulaanbaatar (Breakfast, dinner, hotel)

This morning we catch a return flight to UB. On arrival, transfer to your hotel. Free afternoon for shopping and sight-seeing. Farewell dinner.

Day 13  Departure (Breakfast)

Transfer to airport for your return flight home.

The above itinerary is the basic route the treks will take, but can vary according to the time of season, rainfall, weather and ground conditions.

13 Days Gem of Mongolia Trekking Tour – Mt Kharkhiraa
Tour Code: MNG-GMT13
LAND Cost per person in SGD :

PaxSGL34-5 6-7 8-9

Price Includes:

  • All accommodation: hotel (3 nights), tent (9 nights)
  • Complete camping & cooking equipment
  • Sleeping mattresses
  • Indicated meals & drinking water
  • All visits, sightseeing, national park and permit fees
  • Overland transport
  • Domestic airfare and airport transfers
  • English speaking guide
  • Expedition cook(s)
  • Local guides (pack animal drivers)
  • Pack animals
  • English speaking guide
  • Satellite phone for emergencies
  • Briefing prior departure
  • 15% discount for gears at X-Boundaries

Price does not include:

  • Travel insurance
  • International Air tickets+ taxes
  • Personal belongings and expenses
  • All personal items, clothing and trekking equipment, (headlamps, camera’s, personal toiletries, etc.), sleeping bag
  • Excess baggage fee on domestic air travel (15kg p.p. including hand carry luggage
    free of charge on domestic flights. 1kg of excess costs 2.5USD)
  • Tipping to the guides
  • Meals not indicated, Drinks & Alcohol
  • Visa Fees (if required)