Date: 6-18 May, 6-18 July, 24 Sep-6 Oct 2020


St. Sophia Cathedral



Metekhi Church of Assumption in Tbilisi, Georgia

Hike along green hills in Caucasus mountains, Svaneti,Georgia. Summer season

13 Days Ukraine + Georgia Culture & Hiking
Date: 6-18 May, 6-18 July, 24 Sep-6 Oct 2020

Explore Ukraine, a vast country which is still largely undiscovered and feels like one of Europe’s last frontiers. Its Soviet history, stunning natural beauty and colourful traditions make it a truly unique travel destination.

Lviv boasts vast castles, sumptuous palaces and baroque and renaissance architecture. Visit’s Kiev’s Maidan Square, the fascinating cave monastery of Lavra and its “Museum of Corruption”. Nearby Chernobyl offers a glimpse into the workings of the former Soviet Union and the catastrophe that was almost so much worse.

Georgia is a stunningly beautiful country with amazing hospitality. A must visit if you haven’t been there. Tbilisi, the capital city’s creative groundswell has been building for a few years now, with young designers, chefs, architects, and artists — many of whom never knew life under the USSR — lending a palpable energy to the place. Georgian design, its profile boosted by Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia, is on full display at the city’s surfeit of concept stores — find many of them, such as clothing atelier Flying Painter, at the mixed-use development Fabrika, which occupies a Soviet-era clothing factory. And “new Georgian” cuisine is finding its footing as young chefs bring traditional foods into the 21st century, with a glut of wine bars and standout restaurants like Shavi Lomi, Keto and Kote, and Kharcho (located inside a new creative hub and workspace called Art House). There are also an outsize number of excellent hotels for a city so small.

Explore the Georgian Capital, Tbilisi to admire the city’s iconic landmarks. Make sure to stroll down Rustaveli Avenue and explore the beautiful architecture of the Opera House and the Rustaveli Theater. Georgia’s climate is quite diverse, with the Caucasus mountains and the Black Sea both playing a part in the differing conditions.

Day 1 Arrival Kyiv – City Tour
Day 2 Kyiv sacral life tour
Day 3 Chornobyl Tour
Day 4 Kviv speed train to Lviv & CIty Tour
Day 5 Lviv Culture Tour
Day 6 Lviv – Castles in Galicia – Lutsk
Day 7 Lutsk, Tunnel of Love and Lubart Castle – Lviv
Day 8 Lviv speed train to Kyiv and depart airport for flight to Tbilisi
Day 9 Tbilisi City tour
Day 10 Tbilisi – Uplistsikhe Caves-Kutaisi
Day 11 Kutaisi-Prometheus Caves-Ananuri-Gudauri
Day 12 Gudauri-easy hiking to Gergeti-Dariali-Gweleti-Tbilisi
Day 13 Depart Tbilisi airport for flight home

Day 1 Arrival Kyiv – City Tour (D)
On arrival Kyiv airport, meet and transfer to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, the city you will fall in love with at once. Situated on the banks of the Dnipro River, the city of Golden Domes is famous as one of the greenest cities in the world. During our tour you will closely get acquainted with its history and contemporary life, get to know new people and feel the special atmosphere of the city which throughout its whole history has fought for its freedom.

After check in, we start our first acquaintance with Kyiv.
During our tour, we visit Saint Sophia Cathedral, built in the early 11th century, now enlisted as part of UNESCO World Heritage. It is famous around the world not only as an architectural masterpiece, fresco painting and mosaic art, but also as the place where the princes of Kyiv Rus have found their last rest. Then we marvel at Saint Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, its foundation dates back to the immemorial times of Kyiv Rus and see the entrance to the medieval city — the Golden Gate.

Finally, we walk through the Independence Square and Khreshchatyk – the main street of Kyiv, the witnesses of recent notorious events on Euromaidan.

In the evening we come back to the hotel and during the dinner share our impressions about this eventful day.

Day 2 Kyiv sacral life tour (BD)
Today we will visit one of the many museums, exhibitions and galleries on Kiev Pechersk Lavra’s territory – Museum of Historical Treasures. It holds the most ancient collections – the archaeological finds, discovered in the Ukrainian territory mostly during the twentieth century: decorations of ancient people, their weaponry, horses harness, ritual vessels, and more.

Not far from Lavra is located the memorial to the National Museum “Holodomor victims Memorial”, a sad symbol of Stalin’s extermination of the Ukrainian population during 1932-1933.

During our sightseeing tour, you visit also Podil, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Kyiv, centuries ago three brothers Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv laid a foundation stone of the city of Golden Domes. Podil district is the main cultural center of Kyiv that attracts with beautiful architecture, historical monuments and bohemian atmosphere. Andriyivsky Descent (Uzviz), some- times known as the Montmartre of Kyiv, is one of the most ancient streets in the Ukrainian capital. In the 19th-20th centuries, mainly artists, musicians, and writers lived here.

In the evening we come back to the hotel and relax after the long day.

Day 3 Chornobyl Tour (BLD)
On this day, right after the early breakfast we leave Kyiv to take a tour to the notorious Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station. Within the safe distance, we drive past the Red Forest that owes its name to the ginger-brown pine trees that died due to absorption of high radiation and heavy metal pollutions from the Chornobyl accident.

We see the gigantic Soviet army radar station Duga and visit ghost town Prypyat. It had almost 50 thousand inhabitants before the evacuation, but now after only two decades of abandonment, Prypyat is beginning to be swallowed up by nature. The town is empty, everywhere you see buildings without windows.

Our way leads past the fire and police station, Polissya hotel, the hospital where the first “liquidators” were brought in, the school, the cinema, the ferris wheel, the harbor now full of over- sized carp and catfish.

In Prypyat we have a lunch in a canteen that maintenance crews of the restricted area once visited. Then you walk through the territory of the nuclear power station, see the famous sarcophagus – the concrete shell around the 4th reactor. Very exciting is to visit car cemetery – a junkyard of irradiated motor vehicles that mastered the disaster.

After a long day on Chornobyl Tour we come back to hotel in Kyiv.

Day 4 Kviv speed train to Lviv & CIty Tour (BD)
Early in the morning you take a speed train to Lviv, the city of lions, coffee and hundred-year history! After check-in at the hotel, you start the first acquaintance with the biggest city of Western Ukraine and the cultural capital of the country, as some call it. Rarely can a city offer such a variety of culture on such a small territory. Lviv has a very diverse history and many people have contributed to its development.

Lviv offers an opportunity to look back at its rich history since a lot of nationalities contributed to the development of the city. The whole city center of Lviv belongs to UNESCO World Heritage List. During our walking guided tour you explore the variety of architectural styles of Lviv churches and courtyards, visit Armenian and Jewish quarters, stroll around Rynok Square, marvel at famous Opera House. Each street here may tell you an intriguing history and reveal the most hidden secrets of the past centuries hidden by the sleepy stone sentinels. Walking around the city, you feel its atmosphere with each single step in picturesque alleys inviting you to saunter around, in the shabby time-struck romantic benches in the park and old buildings.

Day 5 Lviv Culture Tour (BD)
After breakfast we continue discovering the beautiful city. Today we visit the main building of Lviv University, the oldest university on the territory of today ’s Ukraine, and go up to Jura Mountain to visit St. George’s Cathedral. Someone has once told that each society is worth exactly as much as it commemorates its dead. To prove it we offer you a visit to Lychakiv Necropolis – one of the oldest cemeteries in Europe. Only the wealthy elite, as well as artists, scientists, politicians, and members of the clergy were buried here. Prominent sculptors and architects were hired to create monuments, and over time, they turned the cemetery into the real outdoor museum. Here you hear numerous stories about the prominent personalities, who for centuries have been writing the history of these lands.

After the tour you will have own time to explore Lviv. Our guide will recommend you some places worth visiting. Stroll along mysterious narrow streets without haste, pay a visit to coffee mine or simply sit for a moment and relax with a cup of coffee.

Day 6 Lviv – Castles in Galicia – Lutsk (BD)
After breakfast we set off for new adventures and our first stop of the day is Olesko Castle, the oldest surviving castle in Galicia, as well as the magnificent but now dilapidated former Pidhirtsi Palace. Both are associated with the Sobieski family. Its story was closely linked to the political struggle between Poland, Lithuania and Hungary. While strolling through the castle’s halls you listen to a fabled story of the birth of a Polish king. The castle in Pidhirtsi would obviously be a splendid piece in the Galician crown, if it were not in a bit neglected condition. Back then, it did not trail behind other Western European castles. The castle was often the scene of amusing events, festivities and permanent receptions for the local nobility. Here you also hear a story of a Woman in White that haunts these lands during full moon.

The other highlight for today is the castle of Prince Ostrog-Lubomirski in Dubno. Being a witness of many historical events, the old castle became part of the history of several nations.

Then we will head to one of the most mysterious places of Ukraine – Tarakaniv Fort, considered a masterpiece of military engineering built in the form of a diamond. Along the walls there are the Tarakanovo casemates. Numerous tunnels and wells as well as its legends, create its mystery. Finally we arrive to Lutsk where we have overnight.

Day 7 Lutsk, Tunnel of Love and Lubart Castle – Lviv (BD)
After breakfast we will start to explore one of the most romantic places in the whole Ukraine – the fairy Tunnel of Love, nestled near the village of Klevan. The trees and plants form a whimsical arc along the local railroad which, when not used by the train for wood transportation, is a favorite place for the couples from all around Europe, who stroll along this fabulous way totally engulfed by leaves.

Our next destination is the largest city in the Volyn region. Founded in 1085, Lutsk owes its rapid development to convenient location on the King’s Highway between the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv and Poland. Lutsk is famous for its bright festivals, national fairs, and medieval tournaments that take place in the Lubart Castle, one of ten oldest fortifications in the country. The Castle remained in its original form until our days – one of the few remaining monuments of the Lithuanian principality in the Ukraine. The medieval construction dates back to the second half of the 14th century.

In the evening we reach Lviv.

Day 8 Lviv speed train to Kviv and depart airport to Tbilisi (B)
After breakfast we go to the railway station for speed train to Kyiv. On arrival Kyiv railway station transfer to the airport for your next adventures to Georgia. Arrival in Tbilisi airport and transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 9 Tbilisi City tour (BL)
Start Tbilisi City tour and visit the main cathedral of Georgia – the Holy Trinity (Sameba) in Avlabari district. From here we have the view of Mtatsminda Mount and old town lied on the smooth slopes of the hills. Continue to Metekhi Church of 13th c. at the rocky bank of Mtkvari River. This is the first location of Royal residence in Tbilisi. Ride on cable car to the Fortress Narikala from 4th c, for enjoying amazing panoramic views over the old district of Tbilisi. Stroll down Legvtakhevi park with natural waterfall, pass near the Sulfur bathhouse square and head to the narrow streets neighboring Cotton Row, Iron Row and Shardeni street, where you can spend leisure time in cafes, galleries and souvenir shops. Photo-shoot on the Bridge of Peace – made of glass.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 10 Tbilisi – Uplistsikhe Caves-Kutaisi (BL)
Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Mtskheta to visit two UNESCO heritage sites: Jvari Monastery 6th c. and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral 11th c. Explore the oldest inhabited cave town Uplistsikhe on the territory of Georgia dating back to Early Iron Age. The town is cut in rock; some residential halls design reflects imitation of the wooden structure on the celling.

The secret tunnels and passes connecting ancient chambers and halls run towards the river and park. Drive away and after crossing Rikoti Pass – the natural watershed between East and West, arrive in the Imereti region center – Kutaisi. Visit two UNESCO world heritage sites in Kutaisi: Gelati Academy 12th c., with beautiful mosaics inside.

Overnight in Kutaisi.

Day 11 Kutaisi-Prometheus Caves-Ananuri-Gudauri (BLD)
Breakfast at the hotel. Explore the Prometheus Caves in Tskaltubo (NOT Open on Mondays)- Prometheus Cave is one of the most popular and largest international tourist caves, and includes various types of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, underground rivers, and lakes. The cluster of six caves differs significantly from each other in scale and the unique shapes of petrified flowstones found within. Drive to the ski resort Gudauri. A short excursion on the Northern Road at Ananuri Castel 16-17th cc. residential buildings of local Dukes and a fortification. Continue to the north, high Caucasus Mountains and subalpine pastures. Serpentines take us on the elevation 2000m above sea level. The area is famous for nature lovers and ski resort.

Overnight in Gudauri.

Day 12 Gudauri-easy hiking to Gergeti-Dariali-Gweleti-Tbilisi (BL)
Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Today we explore the high Caucasus Mountains; make several stops on the Cross Pass (2379 meters), observe waterfalls, the birthplace of Aragvi River and taste bobbling mineral water at Travertine. After arrival to the village Stephantsminda take a walk to the top of the Mount Gergeti (approx. time 2.5 hours), visit Holy Trinity church 14th c. located above the village and on the other hand under the glacier of Kazbegi (5047m).

Wonderful view is opening from here. Continue to Dariali gorge, a crossing point of Caucasus range and bordering Russia. Take a walk to Gweleti waterfalls and enjoy the green valleys around and picturesque landscapes. Drive back to Tbilisi for overnight.

Day 13 Depart Tbilisi (B)
In the morning you will have the transfer to the airport for your flight home.
You have spent your time in Ukraine and Georgia very intensively and eventfully, learnt about new culture, traditions, saw its nature and experienced something special. You take home unforgettable impressions and memories. We would be happy to become your travel companion once more in the future!

13 Days Ukraine-Georgia Culture & Hiking
Tour Code: UKRGEO-CH13
LAND Price per person in SGD: $3098
Based on min 15 pax with a Singapore Leader

Size 2-3 4-7 8-9 SGL
Land Cost 6358 4108 3158 +538

Price is subjected to changes without prior notice

Flight cost & Itinerary: (Subject to changes)
Emirates & FlyDubai + SkyUp Airlines about S$ 1600
06MAY SIN-DXB 0140 0455 EK349 DXB-KBP 0920 1410 EK2353 Operated by FlyDubai
18MAY TBS-DXB 1530 1845 EK2201 Operated by FlyDubai DXB-SIN 2115 0850+1 EK404
13MAY KBP-TBS 1715 2105 PQ441 (SkyUp Airlines) include 1 check in luggage (23kg) + meal onboard

LAND Price includes

  • 12 nights: 3 x Kyiv (Hotel Rus 3* or similar) , 3 x Lviv (Reikartz Dworzec 3* or similar), 1 x Lutsk (Hotel Ukraina 3* or similar), 3 x Tbilisi (Irmeni 3* or similar), 1 x Kutaisi (Hotel Traveler 3* or similar), 1 x Gudauri (Edelweiss Hotel 3* or similar).
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • English-speaking guides in every country
  • Transfer by modern car/minivan/bus throughout the whole trip.
  • English-speaking city tours: Kyiv, Lviv.
  • Entrance + guided tour: all sacred buildings according to program; Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, Museum of Historical Treasures, the Golden Gate National Museum, “Holodomor victims Memorial” in Kyiv; Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv; Olesko Castle in Olesko; Pidhirtsi Palace in Pidhirtsi; castle of Prince Ostrog-Lubomirski in Dubno; Lubart Castle in Lutsk; cave town Uplistsikhe; Prometheus Cave in Tskaltubo.
  • Other highlights: cable car in Tbilisi
  • 15% for gears from X-Boundaries

Price excludes

  • All airfares, Airport taxes and fuel surcharge not mentioned
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Visa fees if applicable
  • Tips to guides
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other tours not mentioned