Places to vsit : Kashgar-Yarkand-Karghilik-Khotan-Taklamakan Desert Trek-Aksu-Kucha-Korla-Turpan- Heavenly Lake-Urumqi

The Taklamakan Desert, also known as the “Place of Ruins” or the “Sea of Death”, is the largest desert in China, at over 1000km long and 400km wide. Lying between the Tien Shan and Kunlun mountain ranges, the Taklamakan Desert is a waterless death trap, experiencing an average annual rainfall of just 1cm. Legend states that you can get into to the Taklamakan, but you will never get out. In this tour, you will experience a trek in the desert for 3 days and after that, you will wish to not get out at all.

13 days Xinjiang Desert Trek Map


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