02 Days Gunung Ledang Camping Trek

One of the most recommended treks for those who want to have a challenging trekking experience with a life long excitement.

Gunung Ledang (also known as Mount Ophir), 1276 metres (4187 ft), is probably Peninsular Malaysia’s best-known mountain. The mountain is situated in Johor, close to the Melaka border and it is a very accessible mountain. Ledang can be climbed in a weekend, camping one or two nights on the mountain.

Ledang is a good introduction to Jungle Mountains. The route up the mountain takes one from big trees on the lower slopes, through a mossy forest with several species of pitcher plant, to the wind-swept rocky summit with its rhododendrons and other flowering plants. The route up the summit is short, steep and a strenuous scramble in places. Although any healthy fit person can climb Gunung Ledang, it is not suitable for a casual family outing.

Departure from Singapore

Recommend 02 Days

Tour Code: AMH-OPH_02C

Style: Trekking
Grade: Moderate to difficult
Best Season: May to October (Park may closed from Dec-Feb due to monsoon season)
Altitude: 1,276m
Region: Johor state, Malaysia
Toddler and children below 7 years old are not recommended to climb this mountain

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Tour Code: AMH-OPH_02C

Recommended for those who likes camping and prefer sunrise trek.
Camping is limited to 50 persons per day.

Day 1 Singapore – Gunung Ledang Campsite (BLD)
0500 Meet & depart with simple breakfast along drive
1000 Arrive Park HQ. Meet guide and registration. Collect your pack lunch before trek to CP4 Kolam Gajah (534 m)
1400  Arrive campsite. Set camp and enjoy your pack lunch. Rest & Relax
1500 Proceed to Twin-Falls (about 15 mins trek) for a dip in the pool.
1700  Back in campsite to prepare dinner and enjoy your self-cooked dinner in the forest. Washup in the cooling pool. Rest & relax
2100 Early sleep
Overnight tent

Day 2 Ophir – SINGAPORE (BLD)
0200  Wake up call and light breakfast or hot drink
0230  Trek to summit – 2-3hrs to ascend
0630  Enjoy sunrise and breakfast at summit
0800  Descend to campsite
1100  Arrive campsite. Simple lunch & break camp
1300  Descend to base
1600  Arrive base, washup, meet vehicle for return SINGAPORE with stop for dinner in local restaurant
2300  Arrive SINGAPORE

Price per person in SGD


Price is subjected to changes without prior notice

Price includes

  • 10-seater aircon private transfer from Singapore
  • 1 X-Trekkers leader
  • Meals as per itinerary & First Aid support
  • Local mt guide ( 1 guide : 7 hikers)
  • 1 night in tent
  • Entrance fees, trekking permit and climbing insurance
  • Briefing prior departure
  • 15% discount at X-Boundaries

Price excludes: Personal gears such as sleeping bag & expenses, Travel Insurance, Evacuation cost, Visa if applicable, Tips to guide, All Meals not stated, Other tours not stated in itinerary, Porter’s fees


Important Notes

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Gunung Ledang Trail Map

Guest’s Reviews

The overall experience was great. I recommend a slightly earlier start from SG, maybe 4am or 5am, since the traffic at the causeway was terrible on the way in. Not for beginners, but my children, aged 8 and 10, were able to do the hike quite well. Which is the best moment of the trip? Climbing the ropes against the rock, putting our feet into a lake and have fishes swimming around them!
Mr Kiruthika & Family

14-15 Apr 2017

Thank you for your efforts. My friends and I have enjoyed the trip very much. Trekking is definitely the highlight of the trip. The nature of the trail and terrain is definitely good for cardio training. However the view was a little upsetting due to the haze. I would prefer to watch sunrise at the summit of mt ophir.


Overall the trip is well planned and arranged. I would prefer the itinerary of sticking to the original plan (trek up to see sunrise).

Do plan ahead so that the future participants get to enjoy the true highlight of Mt Ophir (Sunrise probably).


10-11 Oct 2015

Our guide (Chew) was always helpful.

Written briefing pre-trip was good, info was clear.

This was a challenging trip to accompany considering we had 2 6-year-old kids + a toddler (one year old) and the guides were particularly helpful (holding hands etc) – and we made it to the top (apparently breaking records of the youngest, fastest trekkers on this one day trek so the national park people said!)

The only point for improvement we really felt is if you could manage that there is no change of van half way through the trip each way. This took a while, was disruptive (especially at midnight on the way back when everyone and kids are asleep) and should be possible to avoid?

Best Moment:  The realisation at the top of the summit and at the bottom that we’d made it, especially with the two six years old and the one year old all the way…It was certainly thanks to the guides’ support as well!!

Stephanie Batot

8-9 Aug 2015

Our guide CK was really helpful and caring. Best moment of the trip: The food! Moment you least enjoyed: None really Experience: Enjoyable!
David Yam

14-15 July 2018

I would like to commend our guides as they were pretty easygoing and accommodating. Always offering to help where they can.
Best moment of the trip: Rope climbing, playing in the waterfalls and of course the Maggie Mee dinner!
Moment you least enjoyed: Sleeping bag got soaked due to rain. Need to remind myself to always pack up and waterproof all items in the tent before leaving for the summit.
Experience: Amazing.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a good challenge for my own endurance.

Charlotte Law

8-9 July 2017

Leaders Piers and Andros really took care of our welfare throughout the trip. Appreciated their help and guidance and leadership!

Best Moment: Trekking to the waterfall on the first day. Nothing to beat a dip on a hot day!

Least Enjoyed: KFC. Not exactly least enjoyed, but the most challenging part.

Challenging. On a personal note, would be better if participants had more training before the trek.

Chew Mei Ying

10-11 Oct 2015

It was a wonderful experience and excellent support by Willy.

Best moment of the trip: Reaching the waterfall. Refreshing !!


8-9 Aug 2014

The crews were knowledgeable and friendly. They were accommodating towards the group which consisted many beginner hikers. The overall adventure was great mainly because of the group dynamics as well, with many of the friends being great company to be around. The trek was tougher than I had expected. With more pre-trip training, I will be able to better appreciate the surrounding nature.   It’s really very tiring and exhausting climbing mt ophir.


4-3 Apr 2018

Best Moments: Trekking after sunrise, because the sun rays light up your path and the sight is heavenly! Moment least enjoyed: sleeping: was unable to sleep. Experience: Awesome

3-4 Mar 2018

… it can be steep, rocks must be climbed and one should have gloves. Yes, it’s manageable for beginners ……. Not for the physically unfit and mentally unprepared. Some of our members struggled. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable, certainly instrumental in making the trip enjoyable.

Tougher than expected, but well within a doable range. We prepared ourselves in the gym prior to the trek and if the trek would had been too easy it could have been a wasted trip. We were pleased that the trek challenged us fully physically and mentally. We were pleased to have completed (last person) the trek in 9hr15min. KFC – most challenging obstacles and the group pushed on with Anthony pushing from the back.

Maybe the program schedule could be more accommodative with more flexible time in terms of the lunch and dinner on the first day. Offer more option on the Malaysian local food.

Would be good to provide light sticks in case the group is unable to reach back before night fall.

Best Moment: From CP7 to CP8, reaching the summit and replenish water supply at the water point. Reaching the summit is a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Top-up of water supply is to experience the importance of rationing water consumption.


Lim Chin Boon

12-13 July 2013