Traverse the northernmost city of Japan with 45°N Pass

Sandwiched between the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk, Wakkanai is best explored by self-drive as the city is blessed with picturesque coastal and scenic routes leading to more magnificent sights. Cape Soya is the northernmost point of the main island and if the skies are clear, you can even catch a glimpse of Sakhalin Island in Russia across the La Perouse Strait. As a port city, there are ferry services linking travellers from Wakkanai to the Rishiri and Rebun Islands, both of which are home to enchanting sceneries and mouth-watering fresh seafood. The 45°N Pass, also known as the Northern Nippon Island Hopping Pass, give users unlimited rides on ferries and buses to access Rishiri and Rebun Islands, and comes with discount vouchers for sightseeing tour buses too.

Join us in this 7 Days Self-Drive Explore Wakkanai + 2 Islands Adventure with Complimentary 4 Days- 45°N Pass for your dream holiday in Hokkaido with your love ones.

Details : June to Sep

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