About X-Trekkers

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X-Trekkers has been organizing overseas outdoor adventure programmes for several years. Renowned for its vast variety of overseas outdoor options, X-Trekkers is constantly evolving to better suit its customers.

Since 2002, X-Trekkers has organised a series of unique community service & adventure travel programmes. We first started with Operation Shangri-La (China) in 2002, Operation Snow Lotus (India) in 2003 and most recently conducted another series of Operation Shangri-La 2004 in Northern Yunnan where some 30 working adults worked with Tibetan villagers to build up an eco-tourism centre to help them develop a sustainable source of income.

Why Do We Do This?

X-Trekkers’ founders and many of its adventure leaders have been involved in community work for many years as volunteers in other NGOs. While it is clearly and easily more profitable to focus just on adventure travel, X-Trekkers has evolved a company philosophy of social responsibility. Each year, the company tries to have a series of programmes that balances community service & adventure travel. Besides hoping to contribute a little something to an overseas community, we also hope to introduce the concept of community service to our clients, many of whom are busy working adults. The focus is very much on a proactive partnership, i.e. the overseas community or an NGO works with us closely so that the work we do is needed and necessary.

Our Style!

We believe in encouraging people of different backgrounds to travel together. We prefer to travel with friends or friends whom we have yet to meet. This adds to the richness to our journey. So be prepared to coexist peacefully with people of every race, creed, color, religion and hairstyle. To sum it up, Be Understanding.

We love adventure and encountering uncertainty makes the trip all the more exciting! While we constantly strive not to give you any unpleasant surprises; events like bad weather and occasional breakdown of vehicles will sometimes occur.  Imagine having to trek through a river because the bridge unexpectedly collapsed the day before during a heavy rain. It will be an experience that  you will look back on and tell your grandchildren what an adventurous time you had then!

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