Best of Shikoku by E-bike and SUP

Season: Apr - Nov
6 day itinerary

Best of Shikoku by E-bike and SUP

Duration: 6 days, 5 nights
Japan: Shikoku [From Matsuyama to Kōchi]
Land Price: from $ 3980
Size: Min 8

Tour Code: JP-AT-BEST-06-B

6 Days Guided tour
Level: Moderate
Season: Apr to Nov
Location Ehime and Kōchi Prefecture, Shikoku Island
Main activity E-bike cycling and SUP

Shikoku is an island in southwest Japan. It’s the smallest, least developed of Japan’s main islands. The centre of Shikoku is dominated by Mt. Ishizuchi whose dramatic peak is the remnant of an ancient caldera.

On this adventure, we travel across Shikoku from the Seto Inland Sea, passing over the Ishizuchi range by e-bike and descending the Niyodo River by SUP to the Pacific Ocean.

This tour is conceived as an introduction to the best of Shikoku.

*Advance booking required
  • Sight Seeing 90% 90%
  • Food 70% 70%
  • Transportation 50% 50%
  • Activities 80% 80%
  • Get on our e-bikes and cycle the Shimanami Kaidō, a chain of islands and bridges crossing the Inland Sea. It was once home to maritime clans (pirates!), who took some cargo in return for guiding ships through the racing currents and whirlpools of the hazardous sea. From the islands, we can see Mt. Ishizuchi looming ahead.
  • Climb up the Ishizuchi is challenging, but e-bikes make it possible for any averagely fit person. Traversing the mountain on the ‘UFO Line’ road is quite a trip – the views over Shikoku roll on and on, blending into the distant ocean.
  • Ride on SUP along the pure blue Niyodo River which rises on Ishizuchi and flows down to the Pacific, stopping occasionally to jump off boulders and the rustic bridges used by local people.
  • Along the route, we meet the ancestors of pirates, the Shintō priests whose deities watch over the mountains and seas, and the craftspeople who use the water from the mountains to make beautiful washi paper and deliciously fresh sake.


1. Pray

Pray for a safe trip to the gods of the sea and mountains at Shikoku’s major Shintō shrines.

2. Cycle

Cycle the renowned Shimanami Kaidō and take a boat ride into the racing currents that flow between the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.

3. Climb on E-Bike

Climb 940 m up Mt. Ishizuchi on an e-bike and ride the loopy UFO Line along the mountain ridge.

4. SUP

Paddle a SUP board down the pure, clear Niyodo River, visiting a sake brewery and a paper making atelier.

Day 1 Arrive in Dōgo, Matsuyama

You arrive in Dōgo, Matsuyama, and check into your single room at the new Dōgo Hakuro hotel. The hotel has its own hot spring bath, and is located close to the famous Dōgo Onsen Honkan, Japan’s oldest spa.

Meet your guide for a short orientation covering what to expect during the adventure. Then you can have a relaxing soak at the hotel, or one of the local hot spring baths.

In the evening, your guide meets you at the hotel and takes you to Hanahimerō, a geisha teahouse, for dinner and traditional entertainment.

Day 2 Cycle the Shimanami Kaidō

You can go for an early dip in the local baths. After breakfast, transfer along a scenic seaside route to WAKKA on Ōmishima Island, a cycling base in the middle of the Shimanami Kaidō, known as one of the most interesting cycling destinations. The e-bikes make it easy to explore the hilly islands and scoot up the ramps to the massive bridges. We cycle to romantic Ōyamazumi Shrine, where Japanese warriors from time immemorial have dedicated their weapons and armour in thanks for victory. After praying for a safe journey, continue by E-bike back WAKKA.

E-bike from WAKKA to Ōyamazumi Shrine and back ~ Distance: 8.2 km | Time: 1:00 | Up: 80 m, Down 70 m

Enjoy your tasty boxed lunch which we can eat at some scenic spot whenever we feel like it.

At the Murakami Suigun Museum on Ōshima Island, we learn about the pirates of the Inland Sea. Then we take a boat out into the fast currents and whirlpools of the Inland Sea, passing the tiny island fortress of Noshima from where the pirates conducted their operations.
Finally, we cross the great Kurushima Straits Bridge and drive through the mountains back to Matsuyama, where we stay another night at Hakuro.

E-bike from WAKKA to Sunrise Itoyama ~ Distance: 31.4 km | Time: 1:40 | Up: 320 m, Down: 300 m

Enjoy seafood from the Inland Sea and local sake at an izakaya in Dōgo.

Activity: E-bike cycling and boat cruise
Difficulty: 3

Day 3 Cycle up Mt. Ishizuchi

Enjoy your last chance for a morning bathe in the waters of Dōgo before breakfast. Check out and transfer through the lovely scenery of Kuma Highland to the foot of Mt. Ishizuchi where we meet our e-bikes again. From the pretty Omogo River valley at 600 m, we make a long ascent by paved road that winds up through deciduous woodland before emerging above the tree line at 1,500 m. Here, weirdly shaped peaks rise above slopes cloaked in dwarf bamboo. We arrive the Tsuchigoya rest stop where we visit a Shintō shrine to receive a traditional blessing, complete with a conch shell fanfare.

E-bike from Omogo to Tsuchigoya ~ Distance: 22.2 km | Time: 2:00 | Up: 940 m, Down 250 m

At Tsuchigoya Terrace, enjoy your delicious pasta lunch with locally sourced wild boar sausage. After lunch, we cycle the dramatic UFO Line, a largely flat traverse across the shoulder of the mountain to Mt. Kamegamori, with views of Ishizuchi and vistas stretching over much of Shikoku.

E-bike from Tsuchigoya to Mt. Kamegamori trailhead ~ Distance: 9.81 km | Time: 1:00 | Up: 390 m, Down: 250 m

We get off our bikes to hike up, over, and down the peak.
Hike over Mt. Kamegamori ~ Distance: 1.54 km | Time: 1:00 | Up: 160 m, Down: 180 m
The support vehicle meets us at the other end with our bikes. After the hike we cycle mostly downhill to the Kanpuzan rest stop.
E-bike from Mt. Kamegamori to Kanpuzan ~ Distance: 15.4 km | Time: 01:00 | Up: 160 m, Down: 680 m

At the next rest stop, we meet the bus for the drive to Akiba no Yado, an inn with Japanese-style rooms beside a reservoir on the Niyodo River.
Enjoy a local cuisine dinner with ingredients sourced from the rivers, mountains, and ocean of Kōchi.

Activity: E-bike cycling and hiking
Difficulty: 3

Day 4 Descend the Niyodo River by e-bike and SUP

At breakfast time, the dawn sky is reflected on the lake below the inn. After enjoying a traditional Japanese breakfast of locally grown rice with fish, pickles, and miso soup, we check out and cycle on a paved road beside the Niyodo River to the Ainosato Waterside Station. The river is known for its translucent, turquoise blue water and the beauty of the scenery along its banks.
E-bike from Akiba no Yado to Ainosato ~ Distance: 33.9 km | Time: 1:40 | Up: 410 m, Down: 650 m

Enjoy your lunch of vegetables and traditional processed foods of the region at a Waterside Station, a market for local agricultural produce.

At the Waterside Station, we switch to SUP boards to continue our descent of the river to the SUGGOI Sports base. Our route includes some highly picturesque bends in the river, with deep, calm stretches, and some shallow rapids for a bit of excitement. There are also opportunities for a refreshing leap off boulders and bridges. You’re sure to see some big river fish and numerous kinds of birds.
SUP from Ainosato to SUGGOI Sports ~ Distance: 10 km | Time: 4:00 | Up: 0 m, Down: 5 m

From SUGGOI Sports, the bus takes us to the nearby riverside hotel, Kanpo no Yado Ino, a modern hotel with an extensive selection of onsen baths.
Enjoy your dinner from a selection of the famed dishes of Kōchi such as braised tuna in the big dining room of the hotel.

Activity: E-bike cycling and SUP boarding
Difficulty: 3

Day 5 Explore the products of the Niyodo River

The early morning view of the Niyodo River from your hotel balcony invites you to follow its course all the way to the sea.
After a hearty Japanese breakfast of locally grown rice with tofu, fish, pickles, and soup, check out and cycle to the Ino Paper Museum to learn about the steps required to turn these plants into high quality paper, and visit an atelier to try our hand at making some washi paper by the traditional method. Be prepared to be amazed by the sophisticated applications of simple paper.

Enjoy your lunch in the elegant restaurant Uokane which features sweetfish, caught with a rod from the Niyodo River. You can learn about the fishmonger with a focus on sustainability.

After lunch, we cycle from Uokane to the mouth of the Niyodo River where it flows into the Pacific Ocean.
E-bike from Uokane to the mouth of the Niyodo River ~ Distance: 13.4 km | Time: 1:00 | Up: 80 m, Down: 90 m

We drive to Kameizumi Brewery, whose name means ‘the spring that never dries up’, where the master brewer takes us on a tour of the facilities and serves tastings of the brewery’s extensive lineup.

From the brewery, we drive to Kōchi city where we check into the Richmond Hotel.
Our last meal together is at Hirome Market, a lively food court where visitors and locals sit together at communal tables to enjoy the delicious fare which makes Kōchi the best place to eat in Japan.

Day 6 Depart Kochi

After enjoy a variety of Japanese and western breakfast items in the hotel, it’s time to say goodbye to your guide and travel to your next destination. You’ve seen some of the best of Shikoku and learned about the history and traditions that set the island apart from other regions of Japan. We hope you’ve enjoyed the expansive scenery, the delicious food and sake, and the simple hospitality of the people. And we hope you’ll be back some day to experience some of the many other adventures that remain to be discovered here.

Best of Shikoku by E-bike and SUP

Book Now

Min size: 8 pax

Price Per Person: S$ 3980

Single supplement: + $580

Price is subject to changes without notice.

Tour Code: JP-AT-BEST-06-B


  • A professional local tour guide for the duration of the trip, and qualified, experienced activity guides..
  • All accommodation
  • All meals, and drinks, including alcoholic drinks as per itinerart
  • All cycling and SUP equipment
  • Rental e-bike (tell us your height in advance)
  • Cycling gears rental include: Helmet (2 sizes), Spare parts and tools, Saddle cover if desired
  • For SUP: Life jacket and helmet, Necessary equipment such as paddles and boards, Wetsuit (3L and 2L sizes available)
  • First aid kit
  • Support car
  • 15% for gears from X-Boundaries

Price excludes:

  • Airfare + taxes
  • All other transfer not mentioned
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Visa fees if applicable
  • Tips to guides
  • Personal gears
  • Travel Insurance covers medical evacuation back to Singapore (Compulsory)
  • Other tours not mentioned

ADVISED You are strongly advised to purchase your own comprehensive Travel Insurance.


Deposit/ Refunds

  • Deposit Per Person: $1500
  • Balance full payment MUST be received at least thirty (30) days prior to arrival, failing which the Company reserves the right to release all slots for the said confirmed reservation without any or prior notice

Please refer to our terms & conditions.

Confirmation of this reservation is acceptance of these conditions.

  • You will find in this section links to the products of our partner X-Boundaries, a Singapore shop & e-commerce site, your partner in adventure.
  • In your luggage
  • For cycling
    • Clothing suitable for cycling, change of clothes (quick-drying, highly visible)
    • Cycle pants and fingerless gloves
    • Shoes suitable for both cycling and light hiking
    • Breathable rainwear (upper and lower)
    • Water bottle
    • Sunscreen, sunglasses
    • Knapsack or rucksack
  • For SUP
    • Swimsuit for under wetsuit
    • Sports sandals or water shoes (sizes 22-28 cm available to borrow)
    • Towels
    • Sunscreen
    • Goggles or spare lenses if you use contact lenses
    • A strap or string if you wear glasses
  • Nice to have
    • A compact, waterproof camera with a robust strap for attaching to a life jacket. This could be a smartphone with a suitable case.
    • A map app that works in Japan.

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