Fann Mountains and Yagnob Valley Trek

Date: 18 July – 01 Aug 2020

Make a date with the Fann Mountains in year 2020! This trekking trip include all highlights of Fann mountains designed for trekkers of all levels of ability, some of whom want a serious challenge. The most challenging and fascinating targets are Chimtarga mountains pass (4750m), giving an incredible high-altitude experience without the need for specialist climbing skills and Big Alo lakes visit which to most is considered as one of the most beautiful lake in Fann mountains.

9 Days Trekking in Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan

Date: 21 – 29 Jun 2019

Mixtures of the cultures in the countries of the Great Silk Road make this region more attractive for people from different countries. From ancient times the different tribes were traveled from country to country and brought the different traditions and style of life to the Central Asia. Now you have a great opportunity to visit the small unique part of the Great Silk Road, to return to the past and to learn resemblance and difference. During this tour you will visit magnificent historical places, see Great Mountains, learn about the culture of peoples and try the tastiest national dishes. You will be driven to Charyn Canyon; a beautiful valley of red rocked ‘castles’ as if erected by unknown giants. And you’ll be given a great opportunity to look at the unforgettable beauty of the KolSay and a 3 days trek along the beautiful gorges in Kyrgyzstan, crossing high passes (3470m) and stay in tented camp. After the trek, we will visit Karakol, Southern shore of Issyk-Kul and ending the journey at Bishkek. An exceptional memory to be withheld!

8 Days Adventure in Kazakhstan

Date: 16-23 July 2019

Tour to Kazakhstan will introduce you to amazing natural sites of Almaty vicinities. You will enjoy wonderful and different views of the biggest Kazakh natural reserve – Altyn-Emel Natural Park. The walk there, along the Aktau Mountains and the Singing dunes will show you a unique occurrence of the nature that has many related legends. You will be driven to Charyn Canyon; a beautiful valley of red rocked ‘castles’ as if erected by unknown giants. And you’ll be given a great opportunity to look at the unforgettable beauty of the Kaindy, KolSay and Big Almaty Lakes. An exceptional memory to be withheld!

In the Land of Khan-Tengry (Kyrgyzstan)

The Central Tien-Shan Mountain Range is an empire of snow and ice. The highest mountains of Central Asia – Pobeda (Victory) Peak (7439m) and Khan-Tengry (7010m) are to be found here. The beauty and size of these great peaks sends most of the world’s professional climbers into raptures. Indeed it has been said many times, justifiably, that Khan-Tengry is the “Matterhorn” of Central Asia. The similarity between these two great mountains is uncanny. Enjoy the views of beautiful mountains on the flight by helicopter from INYLCHEK Base Camp to Karkara.

7 Days Horse-riding Beneath the Stars at Son-Kul Lake (Kyrgyzstan)

Song-Kul Lake is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, situated at an altitude of 3013 m. above sea level. Surrounded by dramatic snow-covered mountain peaks, it is hidden in a flat, plate-like valley. It appears to lie under the sky itself and it feels as if you can touch the stars themselves. In a matter of weeks here it is possible to experience the rotation of the four seasons. Edelweiss, a mountain flower, grows in abundance here.

10 Days Uzbekistan Tour

Uzbekistan offers adventurous travellers the chance to step away from the mainstream and dive in deep. With rugged landscapes, futuristic cities, cultural triumphs and a history that spans epochs, Uzbekistan is a place where you can sleep in a desert-bound yurt, marvel at modern architecture and shop for covetable, bespoke handicrafts. For something totally different, why not discover the remote romance, rich history and irrepressible charm of Uzbekistan.