07 Days Kingdom In The Sky

Scheduled Dates: 6-12 Nov 22, 27 Nov – 03 Dec 22, 18-24 Dec 22, 1-7 Jan 23, 22-28 Jan 23, 12-18 Feb 23, 5-11 Mar 23, 2-8 Apr 23, 30 Apr – 6 May 23, 28 May – 3  Jun 23, 18-24 Jun 23

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“Kingdom in the Sky” provides an insight into Bhutan’s Buddhist culture at a deep and comprehensive level. This trip combines spectacular drives to three historically important valleys: the bustling capital of Thimphu; the tropical Punakha valley; and the open valley of Paro. We take a fabulous day camping trek to Bumdra monastery which includes a night in a wilderness campsite high in the Himalaya and a visit to the Taktsang Goemba or Tiger’s NestMonastery. Our circuit uses less trodden mountain paths, where few foreigners have ever set foot, to eventually approach the monastery from our campsite above the clouds. The overnight adventure includes two picnic lunches, a camp dinner and breakfast, all tentage, sleeping mattresses, a first-aid kit and the services of experienced guides and cooks.

07 Days Haa Valley Jaunt

Scheduled Dates: 13-19 Nov 22,  4–10 Dec 22, 25-31 Dec 22, 8-14 Jan 23, 29 Jan-4 Feb 23, 19-25 Feb 23, 12-18 Mar 23, 9-15 Apr 23, 7-13 May 23, 4–10  Jun 23, 25 Jun – 01 July 23

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“Haa Valley” was only recently opened to tourism and has remained beautifully quaint and untainted by the influences of modern development. Experience Bhutanese hospitality at the beautifully restored Lechuna Heritage Lodge, engage in a variety of hikes that range from easy to moderate, or bike around the valley or riverside in this quiet location. Our experienced guides lead guests through the Haa and Paro Valleys on day walks, incorporating Taktsang “Tiger’s Nest‟ Monastery, and a wild hike to Kila Nunnery, between the two valleys.

Mt Rinjani Trek ~ Lombok

Join In Date 2022-23: 25-28 Nov. 2022, 9-12 Dec 2022, 7-10 Apr 2023, 28 Apr – 1 May 2023, 2-5 Jun 2023, 29 Jun-2 July 2023, 5-8 Aug 2023, 2-5 Sep 2023

The trek up Mt Rinjani is not to be taken lightly; it’s the third highest mountain in Indonesia standing at around 4,000 meters and takes a full day to reach the rim of the Crater Lake just below the summit. Lenticular clouds hang over Rinjani, shaped as a flying saucer they form in really high wind speeds above peaks and create a spectacular drape on the mean volcano. Mount Rinjani was created from a volcano, the crater being filled by a lake which has bred it’s own mini baby volcano, only 10 years old.