04 Days Chasing Sakura in Yamagata


This tour will bring you to some of the parks in Yamagata City for cherry blossom sightseeing and also enjoy the festival at Tsuruoka-park where 730 cherry trees are in bloom. You will also enjoy the feeling of walking on over 5 meters (15 feet) of snow as you experience snowshoe trek at Mt Gassan!

Date: 22-25 April 2016


Itinerary & Cost

Day 1 (22 April) Arrival Yamagata. Overnight Pole Pole Lodge (No meals provided)

09:24 Tokyo JR Tsubasa 131
12:20 Arrive at Oishida station
13:00 Ginzan hot spring district sightseeing
17:00 Aeon mall Tendo shopping and dinner
19:00 Kuratsu-river night light up cherry blossom
21:00 Pole Pole

Day 2 (23 April) Snowshoe Trekking. Overnight Pole Pole Lodge (B,L,D provided)
※If the weather is not good, itinerary will be change to sightseeing.

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Mt.Gassan snowshoe trekking
12:00 Lunch at Mountain
14:00 Back to Pole Pole
15:00 Hot spring at Sagae hot spring
16:00 Sagae-park cherry blossom sightseeing
19:00 Dinner at Pole Pole

Day 3 (24 April) Sightseeing Overnight Pole Pole Lodge (B,L provided)

08:00 Breakfast
10:00 Churenji-temple mummy sightseeing
12:00 Farmer’s restaurant
13:30 Haguro-san shrine sightseeng
16:00 Tsuruoka-park cherry blossom sightseeing
18:00 Dinner at Tsuruoka-park night cherry blossom festival

Day 4 (25 April) Depart (Only breakfast provided)

07:30 Breakfast
09:00 Yamadera sightseeing
12:00 Kajo-park cherry blossom sightseeing
14:00 Yamagata station to Tokyo

LAND Price per person in SGD (LAND ONLY IN YAMAGATA) Tour Code: JPN-CS_04 Fixed Departure 2016


Pax Cost per person
MIN 2 Pax $ 1488
Fixed Departures 2016 22-25 April 2016


Price is subjected to changes without prior notice
Airfare from S$ 620 including taxes by ANA SINGAPORE TO TOKYO

LAND Price includes: all entrance fee, snowshoe rental, snow boots rental, snow wear rental, charter car, charter English speaking mountain guide, 3 nights lodging, some meals, taxes and 5Days Flexible JR East Pass (Conditiions: Travel Validity anytime between 22April and before 30April)

Price excludes:  All airfares, Airport taxes and fuel surcharge, Expenses of personal nature, Visa fees if applicable, Tips, certain meals, personal gears, Travel Insurance (Recommended)

Hot Springs (Onsen)


Yamagata is unique within Japan, for all 35 cities, towns and villages contain a hot spring. It can be considered the “hot spring capitol” of Japan. Hot spring districts throughout the prefecture each have their own special characteristics. For nature lovers, there are hot springs with beautiful views of mountains, valleys, the Sea of Japan. There are many different types of hot springs such as large modern facilities, and also hot springs with special healing powers that have provided relief to those with illnesses such as cancer. We are confident that you will find the perfect hot spring in Yamagata. We can take you to any hot spring that you desire.

Snowshoe Trekking

Snowshoes are the most practical device for walking on the snow. By just putting them on, anybody with a little know-how can walk unrestricted on the snow.

A great deal of buoyancy can be gained by wearing snow shoes, which allows the wearer to smoothly advance on the snow. Our snowshoe tour travels for about 2 hours through the Gassan Mountain snow that accumulates every day. With more than 10 meters (33 feet) of snow accumulating in places, you can see the trees and mountain in a way that is only possible during winter. It is surprisingly quiet in this world surrounded by snow. On a mountain with no other people the only sounds are one’s own breathing and the crunching of your feet hitting the snow.

Churenji-temple mummy


Yamagata is unique throughout Japan for its self-mummified monks. This process of self-mummification was practiced by a specific sect of Buddhism almost exclusively in current day Yamagata prefecture from the 11th to 19th centuries.

The practitioners of “sokushinbutsu” did not view this practice as an act of suicide, but rather as a form of further enlightenment. Those who succeeded were revered, while those who failed were nevertheless respected for the effort. It is believed that many hundreds of monks tried, but only 24 such mummifications have been discovered to date, 7 of which are currently on display at various temples throughout Yamagata prefecture. Today, the practice is not advocated or practiced by any Buddhist sect, and is banned in Japan.

In addition to the three sacred mountains and their shrines, the Dewa Sanzan area in Yamagata Prefecture is home to two interesting temples: Dainichibo and Churenji. These two temples are the sites of sokushinbutsu, men who transformed their own bodies into mummies while still living. Their mummified bodies are on display in Dainichibo and Churenji, close to Yudono-san.

Shugendo is a religion based on mountain worship that combines practices and tenets of both Buddhism and Shinto. Physical and mental endurance of the elements is an important part of Shugendo. Self-mummification is the most extreme form of this endurance and those monks who succeeded at the practice are now revered as Buddhas.

Haguro-san shrine


Take a stroll through a large Japanese cedar forest on your way to Haguro’s sacred shrine.



The Risshaku-ji Temple, known as Yamadera, the mountain temple, is one of Japan’s oldest temples. Built in 860 by Jigaku Daishi, it is famous for the temple of breaking bad luck. Many people visit here to pray for their good luck.

The temple precincts stretch high up into the mountains overlooking the town of Yamadera below. Several buildings even sit right on top of the cliff. To go from the entrance of the complex to the Oku-no-in sanctuary at the top requires climbing up about 1000 steps.

The view from the bottom of the mountain is mysterious. This holy place is also known for the numerous strangely shaped rocks and weathered stones. The Hiku Master, Matsuo Basho have been here and wrote several poems.



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