• The starting date of the JR EAST PASS may not be changed.



  • Refunds are available at JR EAST PASS sales and exchange locations. The pass must be unused and the validity period cannot have started on the day the refund is made.
  • If the JR EAST PASS has clearly not been used, a refund may be made after the start of the validity period. In this case, a refund fee applies. However, if a reserved seat ticket was issued with the JR EAST PASS, no refund will be made after the departure time regardless of whether the pass has been used to ride a train.
  • The application/backing must be still attached to the JR EAST PASS to receive a refund.
  • Refunds are not made for canceled or delayed train service (exceptions may be made for total system stoppages).

Exchange Order refunds

  • JR East does not make refunds for Exchange Orders.


  • Lost Exchange Orders and JR EAST PASSES will not be reissued.
  • The JR EAST PASS is non-transferrable. Only the person whose name is on the pass may use it. Travelers must carry their passport when using the JR EAST PASS as they may be asked to present it for identification purposes.