Yamagata Prefecture is situated on the westernmost part of the Tohoku region and the city Yamagata is only 2.5hrs by JR Yamagata Shinkansen Line from Tokyo. The area offers over 100 amazing hot springs, historical temples and shrines, with scenic points such as mountain ranges and the Mogami River.

Yamagata is also attractive because of its tasty specialties: rice farmed on the Shonai Plain; locally brewed sake and wine nurtured by clear air and water; soba noodles; fruits like cherries, grapes, and Shonai persimmons; as well as fresh seafood such as cod and oysters. Outdoor recreations such as paragliding, skiing and trekking can all be enjoyed there as well.

You can experience the four seasons in Yamagata with different activities and sights. These include (but not limited):

    • Shrine visit: all season
    • Japanese tea ceremony with Kimono: all season
    • Enjoy hotspring: all season
    • Soba Noodle making: all season
    • Winter activities such as skiing, snow shoeing, snow mobile, build igloo, etc. (Dec-Mar)
    • Trek in the mountains of Mt Gassan (Snow trek in April to June, option to stay in the summit of mountain lodge in July to Sep) and Mt Zao (Volcano crater in Jun to Sep, Snow Monster in Mar)
    • Boat cruising: May to Sep
    • Fruits picking: Cherry ~ June to July; Peach or Grape – August; Grape – September; Apple – Oct to Nov
    • Trek to waterfalls: Tamugimata waterfall (best in Autumn Oct-Nov)
  • Pilgrimage trek

You will be staying in wooden cottage or Japanese Inn to further enhance your experience in Japan.

Come and join us in Gassan Pole Pole to experience Japan in different season!

Green Mountain Tour8 May – 22 Sep
Autumn Leaves Tour 25 Sep ~ 10 Nov
Yamagata Snow Fun08 Dec  ~ 9 Apr
Spring Sakura & Snow Tour10 ~ 25 Apr

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