alilasolo_experiences-FRESH LAWU

Just before the heat descends on the city, make a start for Mount Lawu where, amid fresh air and beautiful scenery, you can see the cascading waters of Tawangmangu waterfall followed by a visit to the dramatic and photogenic Javanese temples, Candi Sukuh and Candi Cetho. Then head to Kemuning Tea Plantation – 438 acres of lush rolling hills between the Ngargoyoso and Jenawi districts of Karanganyar on the outskirts of Solo.The plantation is open to the public and visitors can walk amongst the tea trees near the river or go downhill cycling or paragliding. A must-see is the well- preserved Dutch colonial Ndoro (Sir) Donker Tea House and eatery at the centre of the complex. Donker was the name of the Dutch chief of the Kemuning plantation who was known to be such a kind man that a nearby village was named after him, Dongkeran. What to bring: sport shoes, comfort wear, sunglasses, hat or cap, insect repellent. Lunch is included at Ndoro Donker.