From Munich to Como (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy)

Walk along passes with panoramic views

Quaint villages

Experience the sparkling glaciers and the blue lakes

Beautiful Buildings

Stay in Gasthof and welcoming mountain refuges

Welcome for a real alpine experience

From Munich to Como

Guided tour • multiple accommodations 14 days • 13 nights • partial luggage transport
Germany | Austria| Switzerland | Italy
Level: Intermediate 3/5
Season: Mid June to Mid September
Days: 14

This particularly spectacular tour brings you through 4 countries, through regions which vary enormously from one to the next: starting in Munich, the Bavarian capital, then the Allgäu, Bavaria, the Tyrol and the Voralberg in the stretch of the trip through Germany and Austria respectively. Then you will experience the sparkling glaciers and the blue lakes of the High Engadine in Switzerland. The end of the trip takes you to the superb Val Malenco in Italy and the magnificent shores of Lake Como. The tour ends with a romantic cruise on this famous lake.

You will see quaint villages and walk along passes with panoramic views, stay in Gasthof and welcoming mountain refuges, you are in for a real alpine experience.



  • One of the most beautiful passages of the Alps!
  • Departure and arrival in two incredible cities with a rich history
  • A route that leads you through different mountain ranges and different landscapes
  • Crossing of the Verwall – a high alpine massif culminating at 3148m, delimited by Arlberg to the North, Bregenzerwald to the West, Silvretta to the South and Landeck to the East.
  • Charming and cosy accommodation

Confirmed departures from 5 pax

Day 1 Munich – Pfronten (Germany)
Day 2 Pfronten –Tannheim (Austria)
Day 3 Tannheim – Hinterstein (Germany)
Day 4 Hinterstein – Oberstdorf – Spielmannsau (Germany)
Day 5 Spielmannsau – Kemptner Hütte – Holzgau (Austria)
Day 6 Holzgau – Leutkircher Hütte – Saint Anton – Konstanzer Hütte (Austria)
Day 7 Konstanzer Hütte – Neue Heilbronner Hütte (Austria)
Day 8 Neue Heilbronner Hütte – S. Gallenkirch (Austria)
Day 9 S. Galenkirch – Kloster (Switzerland) – Rosegglettscher (Switzerland)
Day 10 Rosegglettscher – Maloja (Switzerland)
Day 11 Maloja – Chiareggio: crossing of the beautiful Val Malenco (Italy)
Day 12 At the foot of Monte Disgrazia (3678m)
Day 13 Tartaglione – Chiareggio – Lake Como – Como (Italy)
Day 14 Como

14 days, 13 nights
From Munich – Austria – Switzerland – Italy

Day 1 Munich – Pfronten / Germany (D, O/N Gasthof)
Arrive to Munich central station by 12:20. Train transfer to Pfronten (859m; which takes approximately 2.5 hours).

Pfronten is one of the most beautiful villages in the Allgäu, where the baroque church of St Niklaus overlooks the village, and it is at the foot of the highest medieval ruins in Germany, the Falkenstein at 1284m high. It is in this village, which looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale where Ludwig II, King of Bavaria planned to build another castle during the 19th century.

Dinner and night in a Gasthof.
Hike possible depending on the time of arrival

Day 2 Pfronten –Tannheim / Austria (BLD – O/N Gasthof) [5.5 hrs, +870m, -600m]
This hike leads you to Tyrol, in the valley of Tannheim, a beautiful valley at the Bavaria and Allgäu border. The journey starts off easily at the bottom of the valley as you follow the Steinach stream which after around 1 hour will lead you to Fallmühle, from there you will climb up to the Alpine pastures of Bärenmoos (1250m). Forests and mountain pastures will be the first landscapes you experience until you reach the ridges and pastures of the Schönkahler (1688m) and the Pirschiling (1643m) where you will have a panoramic view over the Bavarian alpine plane and the nearby summits of the Tyrol. You will descend to the foot of Einsteinspitze and then you will reach the valley of Tannheim, passing through the greenery of forests and clearings.

Dinner and night in a Gasthof in one of the villages of the Tannheim valley.

Day 3 Tannheim – Hinterstein / Germany  (BLD, O/N Gasthof) [6 hrs, +900m, -1100m]
This walk starts of with a one hour walk to reach the magnificent Vilsalpsee lake, which is overlooked by the summits of the Bavarian mountain range (the highest peak being at 2274m); then you will follow a path which is wellmarked out but a little challenging to climb to reach the alpine patures of Rossalpe and Feldalpe (1850m) at the foot of Gaishorn (2212m). Then you will traverse a pass at a height of 1872m which leads between the peaks of Zirleseck and Zererköpfle which straddle the border, meaning that you make a short return to Allgäu, Germany. After a short steep climb, you will stop for a drink and have the opportunity to buy some locally produced cheese. Then you will start the descent, with beautiful views over Hinterstein valley and the calcareous summits of Allgäu. Then you will arrive to the picturesque village of Hinterstein.

Dinner and night in a Gasthof in Hinterstein or in Hinderland which you would reach by taking a bus for 20 minutes.

Day 4 Hinterstein – Oberstdorf – Spielmannsau / Germany (BLD O/N Gasthof) [5.5 hrs, +1050m, -1000m]
Short walk until you reach the Bad Hindelang cable car which will take you up to 1300m. You will then hike along the ‘panorama weg’ where you will have stunning panoramic views, this starts as a forest path and then leads you along via 3 peaks: Sonnenkopf (1712m), Heidelbeerkopf (1767m) and Schnippenkopf (1833m). Here you will have an amazing vantage point over Allgau, Tannheim and the Bavarian piedmont plain. After a long descent, a well-deserved break is to be had at the Alpgasthog Gaisalpe where you will look out over Rubihorn (1948m) and GeissFuss (1981m). Then you continue to Reichenbach via the Gaisalpbach gorges along a marked path, then you will reach Oberstdorf by taking one of the local buses. Oberstdorf is renowned in Germany for Nordic ski, it is the ideal location for ski jumping. You will then take either the postbus or a taxi to reach Spielmannsau, in the valley of Trettachtal.

It is possible, weather permitting, to continue to the foot of Oberstdorf by a path which leads along the side of the mountain which overlooks the large glacial valley where Oberstdorf stands. Approximately 1 hour 30 mins of extra walking, and +150m of extra ascent.

Diner and night in a Gasthof in Spielmannsau. You will carry what you need for nights with you (2 days).

Day 5 Spielmannsau – Kemptner Hütte – Holzgau / Austria (BLD O/N Gasthof) [6 hrs, +880m, -900m]
Today, you will cross the highest summits in the Allgäu region (2650m) following the path ‘E5’. After an easy start at the bottom of the valley, and having passed by the last farms, the path follows alongside the Trettach stream, you will soon leave this path to climb towards the refuge, Kemptner Hütte, which is surrounded by mountains: Ofnerspitze (2575m), Muttlerkopf (2366m) and Kratzer (2427m). From here you will quickly reach the Madelejoch pass (1973m) and find yourself once again in Austria. Then you will head downhill to the Lech valley, to Holzgau.
Diner and night in a Gasthof in Holzgau. You will be given your transported luggage

Day 6 Holzgau – Leutkircher Hütte – Saint Anton – Konstanzer Hütte / Austria (BLD O/N Refuge) [6 hrs, +750m, -1000m]
The crossing of the Verwall lasts 2 days, a high alpine massif culminating at 3148m, delimited by Arlberg to the North, Bregenzerwald to the West, Silvretta to the South and Landeck to the East.

You will leave the beautiful village of Holzgau with a short transfer (10km) to the valley of Kaisers (1520m). Gentle climb to the valley of Almajurtal until Bodenalpe (1564m), then the path climbs to the refuge of Leutkircher Hütte (2261m): to the reach the refuge you will pass through the alpine pastures of Almajur and through vast plains which lead to the Winterjoch pass. After stopping for a short break at Leutkircher Hütte, the descent begins with a view over the Verwall mountains, until you reach St Anton, a chic ski-resort which played an important role in the history of alpine skiing. Transfer to Konstanzer Hütte (1700m), at the heart of the beautiful valley of Verwalltal.

Dinner and night in the refuge of Konstanzer Hütte

Day 7 Konstanzer Hütte – Neue Heilbronner Hütte / Austria (BLD O/N refuges, homestay or Gasthof) [7 hrs, +1120m, -500m]
After leaving the refuge you will head along the narrow valley of Fasulbach, to the left you will see Kuchenspitze (3148m) and Külchlspitze (3147m), to the right you will be able to see Patteriol (3056m). After following alongside a stream for 1 hour and 30 minutes you will leave the valley, undertaking a steep climb to Wannenjöchli pass (2633m). You will find yourself between Patteriol and Fasulspitze, with the feeling that you are well and truly in the mountains. There is also a great panoramic view over the Fasul glacier. As you start your descent, it is possible to make a stop next to the pretty glacial lake of Wannensee (2505m). The descent will take you down to the foot of imposing moraines, then along the side of the mountain where you will walk along the pastures beneath the Scönverwall Ochsental valley. Then you will take cross a footbridge and finish the day with a last climb to reach your accommodation at the Neue Heilbronner Hütte (2309m).

You will carry what you need for nights with you (3 days).

Day 8 Neue Heilbronner Hütte – S. Gallenkirch / Austria (BLD O/N refuges, homestay or Gasthof) [7.5 hrs, +400m, -1800m]
Once you have crossed the former glacial terrain, made up of many successive slopes and ‘roches moutonnées’ (a roche moutonnée refers to a rock which has been eroded and rounded by glaciation, and the French term is used to refer to this phenomenon in glaciology – which is amusing when you note that the French for sheep is mouton, thus the term refers to the resemblance between this type of rock formation and French wool coat wearing companions) you will reach the first pass: Valschavieljoch (2439m). From there you will have a view over the whole of the Verwalgruppe chain of mountains, under the silhouette of Patteriol. Your route will follow the balcony path ‘Wormser Hohenweg’, which will lead you to the next pass (2251m): there are beautiful views over Raktion to the west, and Sivretta to the south, including the famous Piz Buin (3312m) and its glaciers, the border with Switzerland and the Grisons canton. From there you will start a long descent through alpine pastures, then through the forest, passing by the hamlets Netzalmsäss and Montiel where you will see many wooden chalets which are typical in the region. Finally you will reach the valley of St Gallenkirch.

Dinner and night in the valley of St Gellenkirch or in Gargellen which you would reach by taking a bus for 20 minutes.
You will carry what you need for nights with you (3 days).

Day 9 S. Galenkirch – Kloster (Switzerland) – Rosegglettscher / Switzerland) (BLD O/N gîte) [6 hrs, +800m, -1100m]
From Gargellen (1450m), you will follow the Via Valtellina to the south along a large track which becomes a path where you will start your ascent, under the gaze of the Madrisa peak (2770m) to reach the Schlapinner Joch (2203m) which leasd you across the border to Switzerland. To the east you will see Sivretta and Ratikon to the west and opposite you to the south of the mountains is Davos. You will head downhill to the swiss hamlet Schlappin. From there you will keep going downhill to reach Klosters, a famous swiss village near Davos (1125m). Then you will hop on the train to reach Pontresina,at the heart of the Upper Engadine. From there you will have a transfer to reach Val Roseg, a glacial cirque to the west of the Bernina massif.

Dinner and night in a gîte in Val Roseg.
You will be given your transported luggage.

Day 10 Rosegglettscher – Maloja / Switzerland (BLD O/N Hotel) [6.5 hrs, +850m, -950m]
From Val Roseg you will start your ascent, following a path through a forest of swiss pines and across alpine pastures before reaching the Fuorcla Surlej pass (2755m), where you will have some of the most astonishing views that you will have throughout the trip. On one side, you can see the glacial peaks of Morteratsch, Piz Bernina (4049m), Piz Roseg (3920m), Piz Scerscen (3971m), as well as Sella and Glüschaint. From the other side, you can see the large lakes Silvaplana and Sils, and the central valley of the Upper Engadine. Your descent begins under Piz Corvatch (3451m) and then you will follow a balcony path which overlooks several lakes, and then you will follow the path through a larch forest. This lovely day ends with a walk through the beautiful village of Sils, which was a favourite of the philosopher Nietzche, and then you will pass the small village Isola which is located by a lake and then you will end up in Segantini, which is located at the foot of Piz Longhin which sends water running down 3 of its faces into 3 different seas: the adriatic sea, the black sea and the north sea, as well as lake Lunghin, where the famous alpine river the Inn begins.

Dinner at a restaurant and night in the hotel in Maloja

Day 11 Maloja – Chiareggio: crossing of the beautiful Val Malenco / Italy (BLD O/N Refuge) [6~6.5 hrs, +760m, -900m]
This is another day of beautiful landscapes, starting in the valley of Lake Cavloc where you can see the reflection of Piz Rossi in the clear water, you will be surrounded by gorgeous rhododendrons and then continue on for a steep climb to Passo Muretto, a border pass (2628m). This pass once facilitated exchanges of goods between Switzerland and Italy, it acts as a gateway between the two worlds: on one side, the magnificent Mediterranean influences found in Italy and on the other side, the stunning landscape of the central swiss Alps. You will then follow a stone path downhill to reach a junction where you can head towards the Tartaglione refuge via a remote path across the Monteresso inferior and vazzeda alpine pastures. This is a wonderful area, you will find yourself at the foot of Monte Disgrazia (3678m) and its glistening glaciers.

Dinner and night in Tartaglione.
You will carry what you need for nights with you (3 days).

Day 12 At the foot of Monte Disgrazia (3678m) / Italy (BLD O/N Refuge) [6~7 hrs, +900m, -900m]
This walk is a circuit which starts and ends at the Tartaglione refuge, you will be able to really bask in the beauty of Monte Disgrazia. The hike starts with a climb to Valle Sissone. From there the steep path takes you to a small rocky pass between two rocks at a height of around 2430m. After this short crossing, you will then climb to a second small pass which leads you to the del Grande Camerini refuge (2565m). There is a wonderful viewpoint where you can look out at the austere north rock face of Disgrazia, flanked by its glaciers and the north rock face of Monte Sissonne (3330m) and to the south the Bernina mountain range. After a somewhat steep descent, you will follow a nice path back to the Tartaglione refuge.
You will carry what you need for nights with you (3 days)

If the group is staying in Chiareggio, you will also walk a circuit, but instead you will pass by the alpine lake, lago Pirola (2283m) with views of the eastern rock face and the glaciers of Monte Disgrazia.
Approximately 6 hours walk, +900m / -900m.

Day 13 Tartaglione – Chiareggio – Lake Como – Como / Italy (BL O/N Hotel) [1.5 hrs, -150m]
A short descent will take you to the small mountain village of Chiareggio, which is located at the end of the Valmalenco route. The path continues down to the hamlet of Alpe Laresin and to Forbesina where you will see the stone chalets, an architechtural style typical of this region. Then you will continue along the right riverbank of the stream until you reach the village.

This is followed by a 1hour bus transfer to the beautiful small town Sondrio, where you will find a mix of medieval, baroque and neo-classic architecture. From there you will take the train to Colico, located on the shore of Lake Como. You will be given your transported luggage and then take a short cruise around all of Lake Como, with amazing views over the villages and mountains, beautiful and unique landscape which Stendhal once described as ‘the most beautiful place in the world’.

Arrival in Como late afternoon, check-in at the hotel and you will be able free to make your own arrangements for dinner.

Day 14 Como/ Italy (B)
You are free to spend the day visiting the magnificent Como. The tour ends in the morning.
You can easily reach Milan by train (more than 10 trains per day, the train journey lasts approximately 33 minutes).

We may sometimes have to modify the indicated itinerary somewhat: either at the level of the organization (problem of overload of accommodation, duplication of groups, modification of the state of the ground, landslides, degraded trails, etc.), or directly by the guide (weather, group level …). Trust us, these changes are always made in your interest, for your safety and for a better comfort!

From Munich to Como – Guided

DATES and PRICE per person in SGD

Private Groups of 2 and above: Contact us to customize!

Please contact us for the latest price

Price is subject to changes without prior notice.

Single supplement: ~ 7 nights in a single room. (subject to availability)

LAND Price includes

  • Your guide
  • Your accommodation
  • All of your meals except the dinner in Como
  • Transfers during the trip (including the boat trip on Como, the transfer between St Gallenkirchen and Gargellen, the train from Kloster to Pontresina…)
  • Baggage transfers as explained
  • Briefing before departure
  • 15% discount for gears at X-Boundaries

Price excludes

  • All airfare & taxes
  • All  transfers except those mentioned in “includes”
  • Drinks
  • Visits & Entrance fees
  • Personal gears
  • Expenses of a personal nature like laundry, phone calls, alcohol, beverages, cigarettes
  • Dinner in Como
  • Travel Insurance
  • Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, landslides, road conditions and any other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Single supplement
  • Visa and Visa application fees
  • All those not mentioned in “the price includes”
More information

All of the information provided, which does not relate directly to that which is included in the price of the trip, must be checked and X-Trekkers cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the supplementary information provided.

ForGood to very good walkers. Daily hikes of 3 to 7.5 hours. Altitude changes of +500m to 1150m & -500m to -1200m per day. Short cruise on Lake Como

The carrying of more than a daypack is kept to a minimum.

Days with “daypack”: 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 14. You will only need to carry with you what you need for the day. You only carry a small bag pack with the necessary things such as your lunch, a bottle of water and a small first aid kit.

On the other days you carry the things you need for overnight stays in huts for a maximum of 2 nights. As the rest of your luggage is transported for you, you bag should not weigh more than 7kg.

You will find all your luggage in your hotel room at the end of the following days: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 13, 14.


In refuges, hotels and Gasthof, in exceptional cases you may also be housed in homestay accommodation, 2 or 3 people per room.

Single Room: 7 nights are possible in a single room. S$ 585 Additional Cost (subject to availability).


Hot dinners and breakfast, picnics and snacks during the day. The dinner in Como is not included.  

Meals Included: from lunch on day 1 to breakfast on day 14, except the dinner on day 13. 


Qualified mountain guide, recognised by the French state, English speaking.

Private group from 2 to 14 people.


MEETING POINT: on Sunday at 12:20 on platform 30 in Munich central station (München Hauptbanhof or München Hbf). Be careful as on Sunday, the last train for Pfronten is at 12:53am, so please be on time. If you prefer, you can go directly to Pfronten and meet the rest of the group at the hotel at around 15:30 / 15:45.

END OF THE TRIP: Saturday morning in Como, at your hotel.

You will receive about two weeks before your departure, a confirmation notice specifying the time and place of the appointment, the name and contact information of the guide and the address of the first accommodation.

Extend your stay
Upon request we can book additional nights before or after the trip. Please note these bookings are non-refundable and the terms and conditions of the hotel apply.

At your convenience, from 19 June  to 15 September. Go out with friends or family at the dates that suit you. Customisation possible from 6 people. When you book the tour please give us one or two other departure dates in case your 1st choice is not possible. Price may differ from the above cost.

Getting There

Arrival/ Departure

  • By Planc to Munich
    • Transfer from airport in Munich – Munich main station with the Lufthansa Express Bus. The drive takes 45 minutes (around 10, 50 €). For more information, check out

  • Leaving from  COMO:
    • You can easily reach Milan by train (more than 10 trains per day, the train journey lasts approximately 33 minutes).

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