Descent into the Ahr valley, Italy © Johannes Braun

Alps landscape at the Gardena pass, Dolomites, Italy © Richard Frank, Pixabay

Hiking near the Kenzen pass, Bavaria, Germany © Johannes Braun

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany © Johannes Braun

Venice and its gondolas © Gerhard Bögner, Pixabay

 From Munich to Venice

Self-Guided tour • multiple accommodations 14 days • 13 nights • partial luggage transport
Germany | Austria| Italy
Level: Intermediate 3/5
Season: 19 June to 10 September 2024
Days: 14 
Cost: Please contact us.

An extraordinary trip across the central Alps…

This great journey will lead you from Munich to Venice. Across green mountain pastures, over rocky paths and lush forests. Crossing these mountain ranges allows you to admire the geological and cultural diversity of our Alps over a short period of time and distance.

On the cultural side, this exclusive trip will take you from Bavaria with its romantic architecture created by Louis Il of Bavaria to the eternal charm of Venice.

As for nature, this unique journey is a magnificent hiking route, crossing the preserved and prestigious alpine massifs of Ammergau (Bavaria, Germany), Wetterstein (Garmisch, Germany), Karwendel (Tyrol, Austria), Venediger (Hohetauern, Austria) and Dolomites (Italy), from north to south. Three countries and regions and all so wonderfully divers!

This self-guided hike is one of our greatest trips and will certainly have you falling in love with the Alps.


  • Discovery of the great Bavarian Castles
  • Hiking through the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Arrival in Venice at the end of the trip

Day 1  Füssen – Hohenschwangau
Day 2 Hohenschwangau – Kenzenhütte
Day 3 Kenzenhütte – Ettal
Day 4 Ettal- Garmisch – Mittenwald
Day 5 Mittenwald – Refuge Solsteinhaus
Day 6 Refuge Solsteinhaus – Innsbruck
Day 7 Krimml – Refuge Krimmler Tauernhaus
Day 8 Refuge Krimmltauernhaus – Prettau, Ahrntal – Bruneck
Day 9 Bruneck – San Vigilio – Lago di Braies
Day 10 Lago di Braies – Prato Piazza
Day 11 Prato Piazza – Les Tre Cime
Day 12 Tour of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Day 13 Tre Cime – Venice
Day 14 Venice

14 days, 13 nights
From Munich – Venice Self-Guided

Day 1 Füssen – Hohenschwangau / Germany ( O/N 2* Hotel) [6km, 3 hrs, +160m, -160m]
Arrival in Füssen, which is about 130 km or a 2h train ride from Munich, then bus to Hohenschwangau.
You arrived in the unreal and romantic world of Louis II of Bavaria
Check-In at the hotel at the foot of the castles.
Visit of the Neuschwanstein Castle and walk to the lakes Schwansee and Alpsee and Hohenschwangau.

Visit of Neuschwanstein Castle (to be paid on the spot). Daypack to carry.
Night in a 2* hotel in Schwangau. Free choice of restaurants in the evening.

Depending on your arrival time, you may create your own program.
You will also be able to do more (or swap out something):
– Take the time to visit the pretty medieval city of Füssen
– Visit Hohenschwangau Castle (be careful, to get the group price, you have to start with a visit to Hohenschwangau, then visit Neuschwanstein Castle on the same day)
Furthermore, we recommend planning an extra day to visit Munich, the beautiful capital of Bavaria.
If you are not in a hurry or if you arrive in the evening: you can choose to stay one more night in Hohenschwangau, which allows you to visit the castles, Füssen, and to walk (or even swim) around the lakes.
In this case, you can also visit the Kristall Therme in Schwangau: a beautiful spa with many thermal water pools, saunas, hammam. Relax with an incredible view of the Bavarian mountains.

Day 2 Hohenschwangau – Kenzenhütte / Germany (BD – O/N Hut/ Refuge) [17.4km, 7 hrs, +1120m, -685m]
Passing on the Marienbrücke, we walk up to the Jäger hut, at the foot of the Ammergau massif. An extraordinary leg awaits us and with a bit of luck we will see dozens of chamois in the incredible landscapes. The wild Ammergau massif will leave speechless with its incredible ridge lines and limestone needles standing tall in an abundant greenery.

Night in the Refuge Kenzenhütte – Half-board. Daypack to carry.

Day 3 Kenzenhütte – Ettal / Germany  (B, O/N 3* Hotel) [6 hrs (4.5-hrs skipping the ascent to the Scheinbergjoch), +500m, -850m]
Ascent to the Lösertaljoch (1682m) then to the Scheinbergjoch (1764m, optional, depending on the weather) where many chamois frolic in the grass. From this pass you have a stunning view over the whole Linderhof valley to Ettal. Descent through the heart of the Ammergau to the castle of Linderhof, a small “Versailles” with the Moorish pavilion and the grotto of Louis II. Visit of this romantic site, former hunting lodge of Louis II. Public bus to the village of Ettal, and its superb Benedictine monastery.

Visit Linderhof (to be paid on the spot).

These first three days will provide an insight into the history of Louis II of Bavaria. The “Fairy-tale King” was a poet, friend of Wagner, a lover of architecture and culture but also of nature, which he loved to explore on the paths that we still walk today.

Night in a 3* comfy hotel with sauna close to the Benedictine monastery (or in Garmisch-Partenkirchen). Daypack to carry. Free choice of restaurants in the evening.


(1) Climb to the Losertaljoch (1682m) : 11kmm 4-5 hrs

(2) Climb to Losertaljoch (1682m) then to Scheinbergjoch : 6hrs, +500m, -850m

Day 4 Ettal – Garmisch – Mittenwald / Germany (B, O/N 3* Hotel) [18km, 5 hrs, +400m; -200m]
We leave Ettal by bus and get off in Garmisch-Partenkirchen an Olympic city which lies at the bottom of Germany’s highest mountain: the Zugspitze (2.950m). Then start hiking through the Partnach Gorges and you will reach the Wettersteinwand close to Elmau with its majestic grey cliffs and the pretty village Mittenwald. Lake Ferchensee and Lautersee are also just around the corner.

Night in a traditional 3* hotel in the centre of the village. Free choice of restaurants in the evening. Daypack to carry.

Day 5 Mittenwald – Refuge Solsteinhaus / Austria (BD O/N Refuge) [14km, 5 hrs, +1100m, -360m]
Take the train to Scharnitz (10 min) which lies at the foot of the Karwendel Mountains (Tyrol), another mountain range on the border which is also a National Park and a well-preserved limestone massif.

You will then hike up through the Giessenbach Vallez and reach the Eppizirl Alpage (1459 m) (sale of fromages blancs and yoghurts depending on the season), then crossing by the Eppzirlscharte (2072 m) and descent to the Solsteinhaus.
Alternative route: via the Scharnitz Alpage and the Gleitschklamm (gorges).

Night at the Solsteinhaus, half board.. You have to carry the necessary things for the night.

Day 6 Refuge Solsteinhaus – Innsbruck / Austria (B, O/N 3* Hotel) [7km, 3 hrs, -940m]
Descent to Hochrzirl in the Inn valley where you will take the train to Innsbruck (25 min). You have enough time to visit the old town, which is particularly charming: do not miss the Helbling House, Goldenes Dachl, the St. James Cathedral, the superb museums such as the Hofkirche with the cenotaph of Maximilian I, not to mention the possibility of having a coffee and a slice of Apfelstrudel on a sunny terrace…

Night in a 3* hotel in Innsbruck. Free choice of restaurants in the evening. You will have your luggage at the end of the day.

Day 7 Krimml – Refuge Krimmler Tauernhaus / Austria (BD O/N Refuge) [11km, 4 hrs, +600m, -50m]
Transfer in the morning by train to the spectacular Krimml Waterfalls, which are among the highest (400m) in the Alps. The train passes also by Zell am See. This Train ride takes up most of the morning but it is an incredible trip through breath-taking landscapes!

You approach the Alpine massif that separates Austrian Tyrol from the former “South Tyrol”, now Italian. Hike up along the waterfalls in the spectacular KrimmIer Achental valley to the Krimmltauernhaus refuge.

Night at the Krimmler Tauernhaus, half board Or night in a 3* hotel with half board & spa (see “Options”).
You have to carry the necessary things for the night.

Day 8 Refuge Krimmltauernhaus – Prettau, Ahrntal – Bruneck / Italy (B O/N Hotel) [18.5km, 7 hrs, +1120m, -1090m]
Passage to Italy via the Krimmlertauern pass (or Birnlücke pass) right in the heart of the Austrian Alps and in between the Zillertal and the Großer Venediger. Although the pass is quite narrow it is one of the easiest passages to cross the Alps. You walk along the Venediger mountain range along the Krimmler, Prettau and Lahner glaciers (Kees). The views of the Großer Geiger (3360 m), the Gammsspitzl (2888 m) and the Venediger (3667 m) will take your breath away.

You will follow part of the Laiutitzerweg to discover South Tyrol (Italy) and then descent to Prettau. Bus for the Ahrntal valley to Bruneck or the Wengen Valley. Here you are in the heart of the Dolomites.

Night in a hotel. Free choice of restaurants in the evening. You will have your luggage at the end of the day.

Day 9 Bruneck – San Vigilio – Lake Braies / Italy (BD O/N Hotel/ Dorm) [13.6km, 7 hrs, +1050m, -800m]
Bus to the trail head. Today’s hike will start at the Lake Creda at 1268m in the south of San Vigilio. The path winds between high cliffs forming the Ciastlins valley and following the path will climb to 2167m before turns obliquely to get to the Cacagnares pass, at 2296 m. Then a enjoyable descent through the Val de Cacagnares, the Val de dal Lercs and the green valley leading to the famous Lac de Braies, set in the middle of a natural circus.

Night in the hotel at the shore of the lake in a standard room, half board. Daypack to carry.

Day 10 Lake Braies – Prato Piazza / Italy (BD O/N Hotel) [14.3km, 5 hrs, +940m, -350m]
From the Lake, you hike up towards the Croda del Becco pass, before joinning the by a superb crossing via trail no 3, an area of alpine pastures and rocks,  before going around the Croda Rossa and joining the alpine pastures of Prato Piazza. The hut stands facing the blood red Croda Rossa which creates a stunning contrast with the green pastures of this magnificent high plateau.

Night at the Prato Piazza, half board Or night in a 3* hotel with swimming pool and spa. Free choice of restaurants in the evening (See “Options”).
You have to carry the necessary things for the night.

Day 11 Prato Piazza – Les Tre Cime (The Three Peaks) / Italy (BD O/N Hut) [19.5km, 5.5-6 hrs, +670m, -820m]
Today a great hike through the Tre Cime de Lavaredo awaits you! You will be passing the Strudelsattel (2200m) before going down towards the Valle di Landro at 1406 m. You will go up the Rienza valley towards the Tre Cime and then through the Rin Bianco valley in order to reach the end of the hike at the Lake Antorno refuge (1866 m) or the Auronzo refuge (2320 m).

Night at the Auronzo hut (2320 m), half board. Or night in a hotel at the shore of Lake Antorno, half board, at 1866m (See “Options”).
You will have your luggage at the end of the day.

Throughout the first part of the day, you will come across numerous vestiges of the fortified border here and there, built at the end of the 19th century by the Austro-Hungarian Empire on its border with Italy: starting with the fort of Valandro, massive block of stone overlooking the valley of Landro. The scene of intense fighting during the First World War, the region was attached to Italy following the Treaty of St Germain en Laye in 1919.

Day 12 Tour of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo / Italy (BD O/N Hut) [14.5km, 5-6 hrs, +/-570m to 750m]
A mythical stretch in the middle of mountain needles, towers and peaks. Crossing to the Lavaredo pass, underneath the Tre Cime. Tour of Mt Paterno and Croda Passaporto, crossing near the lakes of Cengia and the Pian pass of Cengia in the heart of the dolomitic peaks. Afterwards return to the Antorno (or Auronzo) refuge by passing by the northern faces of the Tre Cime, underneath the Zinnenkopf and over the Medo Pass.
You may choose between two routes with different lengths.

Night at the Auronzo hut (2320 m), half board. Or night in a hotel at the shore of Lake Antorno, half board, at 1866m (See “Options”).
Daypack to carry.

Day 13 Tre Cime – Venice/ Italy (B O/N Hotel)
Bus to Cortina d’Ampezzo, where you will take another bus at 11:30 am to Venice. Arrival in the early afternoon in the heart of Venice. Check-In at the hotel in the city centre. You then have the afternoon to visit Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
You carry your luggage with you on public transport.

Night in a 2* hotel in Venice. Free choice of restaurants in the evening. Or night in a 3* or 4* hotel in Venice. Free choice of restaurants in the evening (See “Options”)

Day 14 Venice/ Italy (B)
Free time to stroll through Venice: visiting the palaces, walking along the canals and stopping at the St. Mark’s Square. This radiant and vibrant city will take your breath away.
End of the trip at the end of the morning after breakfast.

We may sometimes have to modify the indicated itinerary somewhat: either at the level of the organization (problem of overload of accommodation, duplication of groups, modification of the state of the ground, landslides, degraded trails, etc.), or directly by the guide (weather, group level …). Trust us, these changes are always made in your interest, for your safety and for a better comfort!

From Munich to Venice – Self-Guided

Departure Dates: 20 June to 10 Sep
LAND Price per person in SGD

Please contact us.

Price is subject to changes without prior notice.



Possible on 11 nights Hohenschwangau, Ettal, Mittenwald, Innsbrück, Krimmler Tauhernaus, Bruneck, Lago di Braies, Prato Piazza, Lake Antorno and Venise (subject to availability)

Night on day 7 in a comfortable hotel at the Krimmler Tauernhaus (with half board) with spa : per person (Subject to availability)  + S$ 90
Night on day 10, in a 3* hotel in Prato Piazza  (B&B) with swimming pool and wellness area, instead of the refuge, half board:  per person (Subject to availability)  + S$ 90
Nights of days 11 and 12 in a hotel at Lake Antorno (with half board) : per person and night (Subject to availability)  + S$ 90
Night on day 13, in Venice in a 3* hotel: per person (Subject to availability)  + S$ 90
Night on day 13, in Venice in a 4* hotel: per person (Subject to availability)  + S$ 120

LAND Price includes

  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • 6 dinners 
  • Luggage transfer as described
  • Travel documents
  • Local Tourist taxes
  • Briefing before departure
  • 15% discount for gears at X-Boundaries

Price excludes

  • All airfare & taxes
  • All  transfers
  • Drinks
  • Lunches & 7 dinners
  • Visits & Entrance fees
  • Personal gears
  • Expenses of a personal nature like laundry, phone calls, alcohol, beverages, cigarettes
  • Travel Insurance
  • Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, landslides, road conditions and any other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Single supplement
  • Visa and Visa application fees
  • All those not mentioned in “the price includes”
More information

For good walker. Daily hikes of 3 to 7 hours. Altitude changes of positive 750 to 1250m  and negative elevation 750 to 1500m depending on the hikes. Highest altitude: 2912m (if you choose to hike up to the Piz Boè: 3152m). The tour follows mostly main hiking trails but technical difficulties may occur. Some technical passages, alternating paths and trails, possible snowfields at the start of the season, steeper slopes uphill and downhill, sometimes a handrail.

The need of carrying your personal belongings for the night has been reduced to a minimum.

  • Hikes with “Daypack to carry”: 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14. You are only carrying a small bag pack with the necessary things for the hike such as your lunch and a rain jacket.
  • You are carrying the necessary things for 2 days while staying the night in a mountain hut on the days 5,6,7,8,10 and 11 (maximum 7kg). You will have your luggage on the evenings of the following days: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14
  • On public transportation: You are responsible for transporting your luggage on the bus and train on day 12 to your accommodation in Venice.
  • You may also choose the option to not have your bags transported for you (Check with us for the price without luggage transfer)

Group: From 2 people.

Length: 14 days / 13 nights / 12 days of hiking.

Departure dates: From June 20th to September 10th 2020.

Travel documents
No guide. You will receive a folder with all the necessary information such as hiking maps, vouchers for the hotels, the detailed description of the route and the necessary indications for all the connections by public transport.

In comfortable guarded huts (refuges), in double rooms or in small dormitories. In hotels and guesthouses (Gasthof), in a double room, with bathroom in the room or on the landing.
Room only: 11 nights possible in room only (Hohenschwangau Ettal, Mittenwald, Innsbruck, Krimmler Tauhernaus, Brüneck, Lake Braies, Prato Piazza, Lake Antorno, Venice).

A few details about hotels in Germany and Austria:
– For rooms for 2, there is rarely the same difference as here between the double (large bed for 2) and the twin (2 separate beds): the most often the bedding consists of two 90 cm mattresses joined together but equipped with individual sheets and duvets
– Hotel or Gasthof? The difference is slight; it is not a question of comfort; the Gasthof is generally family-run and of smaller capacity than the hotel

Basic formula:
– Half board, days: 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12
– Overnight + breakfast, days: 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 13
If you have chosen the “night in a 3* hotel in Prato Piazza” D10 supplement, dinner is not included in the service.

Start: Day 1 in Hohenschwangau, if possible in the early afternoon.
End: Day 14 after breakfast in Venice.

You will receive about two weeks before your departure, your travel documents on the trip.

Extend your stay
Upon request we can book additional nights before or after the trip. Please note these bookings are non-refundable and the terms and conditions of the hotel apply.

At your convenience, from 19 June  to 10 September. Go out with friends or family at the dates that suit you. Customisation possible from 6 people. When you book the tour please give us one or two other departure dates in case your 1st choice is not possible. Price may differ from the above cost.

Visits to be paid on the spot
On this trip the following visits have to be paid on the spot:

  • Castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein: 12 € Adult, 11 € Senior (+65 years), free of charge for under 18 year olds

  • Both Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein on one day: 23€

  • Linderhof Palace: 8,50 € Adult, 7,50 € Seniors (+65 years), free of charge for under 18 year olds

  • Monastery of Ettal: free of charge, visit of the brewery and distillery to be paid (must be reserved as a group)

  • Entrance fee for the Kristalltherme: around 12€ (just pools) à 17€ (pools and sauna), for 2 hours, towel (3€) or bathrobe (5€).

  • Partnach Gorges : 4€

  • Krimml Waterfalls: 3€

  • In Innsbruck, it depends on what you want to visit; the visit of the Silver Chapel: about 5€

  •  In Venice, everything depends on how much time you have and your plans

A budget of 150 € per person is realistic.
These prices are just a suggestion and might change (prices of 2022).


Transfers (Prices of 2022): A budget of 100 € per person

Getting There


    • By Plane to Munich
      • Transfer from airport in Munich – Munich main station with the Lufthansa Express Bus. The drive takes 45 minutes (around 10, 50 €). For more information, check out

      • Transfer from Place Piazzale Roma – airport in Venice Marco Polo with the ATVO bus. The drive takes around 20 minutes (around 8 €). For more information, check out

    • By train: SNCF

Arrival: train to Munich, then train to Füssen (about 2 hours) and bus to Hohenschwangau (10′). Return: train from Venice.

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