Experience Hokkaido the unique way! Take a trek to the summit of Mount Asahidake (2290 meters) – Hokkaido’s highest mountain, which passes some ponds and sulfurous vents, indicating that the whole Daisetsuzan mountain range is of volcanic origin.

Cycle through the beautiful Farm Tomita Flower Land with lavender and flower fields and the Tokachi mountain range as backdrop. Have a splash as you go rafting in Mukawa River – one of the river which offers rafting suitable for family too.

Take a relaxing horseback riding by the shore of Abashiri which is good for beginners too.

Experience life as a farmer in one of the farm in Hokkaido and last but not least, cruise in Hokkaido will leave a deep and memorable impression of the nature that Hokkaido offers. This includes:  Lake Akan Cruise to see Green Moss ball, Brown Bear Boat cruise and lastly the Killer Whale cruise.