alilasolo_experiences-HOUSE OF DANAR HADI

Discover the beauty and history of batik at the House of Danar Hadi museum complex, which was founded to preserve and advance the art of batik in Indonesia as part of the nation’s cultural legacy. Located in the stunning late 19th century nDalem Wuryoningratan, the museum showcases the importance of batik in Indonesia, the process of creating this precious textile and its re-emergence in the contemporary lifestyle, seamlessly integrated into daily dress codes. Walk from room to room and be mesmerised by each different collection, including an incredible number of antique batiks. Learn about the distinctive motifs, patterns and influences that are unique to each region. The complex also features an elegant boutique showcasing some of the city’s finest batik prints and a traditional Indonesian restaurant named “Soga”, set in an exquisite early colonial-era building.