Hue Jungle Trekking

12-15 Mar 23
By Vincent Foo
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Region: Hue, Vietnam

X-Trekkers was invited to Hue Vietnam Jungle Trekking orgainised by Vietnam Department of Tourism and HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation in Vietnam.

The “USAID Biodiversity Conservation” Project is a project aims to maintain and increase forest quality, also to protect and stabilize wildlife populations in high conservation value provinces. The project targets 14 special-use forests (SUF) and 7 protection forests (PFs), linking forest management units across the landscape to maintain forest cover and connectivity of habitats vital for the protection of Vietnam’s threatened and endemic species.

The project is implemented by WWF in colloration with HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation in Vietnam and other partners such as ENV, FFI Vietnam, Global Wildlife, IUCN Vienam and IZW.

The project has 4 strategic approaches (SA):

SA1: Promote Conservation-Friendly Enterprises in Forest Dependent Communities

SA2: Stregthen Management of Special-Use and Protection Forests.

SA3: Increase Functionality of Law Enforcement Systems for Forest and Wildlife Crimes.

SA4: Reduce Local Demand through Behavior Change Methodologies.


X-Trekkers participated in this adventure with our vision of “Adventure in harmony with nature and humanity”, as we see the grace of nature and the human spirit in all our journeys.

Best Food & Drink

1. Organic food

Enjoy organic food from the homestay.

2. Traditional lunch in the jungle

Enjoy traditional lunch in the jungle served in banana leaf.

3. BBQ in the jungle

Enjoy BBQ dinner in the jungle.

Day 1

Meeting with Mr Nguyen Van Phuc, director of Thura Thien Hue Tourism Department.



Overnight stay in A Nor Homestay at A Luoi province, Paco tribe.

Shared bedroom



Organic Vegetable

Enjoy organic vegetable

Linger with local kids from Paco tribe

Hiking to Thoc A Nor Waterfall

Paco Tribe hair washing at Thoc A Nor Waterfall

Paco tribe sticky rice cake making

Charcoal BBQ dinner, campfire and {aco Tribe dance to end the night.

Day 2

Bus ride to A Roang Homestay where we leave our luggage with and get ready for 2 nights of Jungle Survival.

Motocycle Ride to the jungle

Trek on foot

Trekking along the river

River Crossing

Plucking edible vegetable for lunch

A Roang Community Forest

At campsite

Lunch serve in banana leaf

Appetizer before dinner

Day 3

Uphill and jungle bashing

  • Difficulty level 80% 80%

Jungle Camp

Day 4

Set off at 5am on a 7 hours trek back to A Roang homestay for a lunch feast.

Camping in the jungle

The Highlight of the Trip!
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