Travel Tips

What to do if you are lost somewhere in the wilderness, need rescue, but don’t know exactly where you are?

Lucky for us, whether the phones are online or offline, you can obtain the GPS coordinates via the Maps app. It works on both Android and iOS phones.

First, Location has to be turned on. Ideally, on High Accuracy mode.

Next, before you embark on the trip, do your research on the hiking trails by using the Maps. This way it will pre-fetch the map and cached the data on the phone.

Then, tap and hold on the dot that shows your location to get the coordinates of your location. The same can be obtained without mobile data if you have prefetched the map of the area previously.

Try it before you go on a trip.

Note: For Apple, if mobile data is off, you can Tap, Hold and Share in the Map. From the sharing URL, you can read the GPS coordinates.