Important information for mountain trekking in Taiwan

– Mountain huts in in Jade mountain is open for booking/ ballot 7-45 days before arrival or when full; for Snow Mt is 7 days before arrival or when full.

– For 3000m & above trek in Taiwan mountain, as we need to apply park & trek permit, replacement of names are not allowed. If after balloting and you are not able to go, please inform us at least 1 week before arrival and you will be refunded S$90. Otherwise there will not be any refund.


1. Before your confirmation to apply, Please read the itinerary and understand the activities related to the itinerary.

2. Understand the potential danger, if the accident could result in injury or death.

3. Ensure in good health, able to engage intense activity. Those who have heart disease, fear of heights, hypertension, pregnancy … and so is not suitable for outdoor activities and other symptoms, or age is too small and the physical condition of those who can not complete the trip independently, please do not apply.

4. Understand and agree to abide by the provisions related activities, we are willing to follow the leader and guide staff of guidance, and pay attention to their own safety, do not endanger the safety of others. If due to personal negligence resulting in casualties, we are willing to be responsible for ourselves. (Including due to personal illness without the initiative to inform the staff leader)

5. As “Safety” is the highest consideration,if due to force majeure and other natural disasters, weather (typhoon, snow, heavy rain, landslides, the players physical condition … etc); the itinerary need to be changed, we agreed to comply with the leader and guide decisions. the team cannot participate in any objection.

6. During the time in case of force majeure disasters (typhoons, snow, heavy rain, landslides … .. and so on) and we cannot complete the trip, the team leader can change the itinerary, such as cost savings due to cost, then returned to the team after an average return. If additional cost is required for  accommodation, food, transport, the average cost overruns will be shared by the participants.

7. If due to personal factors (physical condition …. Etc.) participants cannot continue to complete the trip, the retreat expenses arising consequent will be paid by themselves. The unfinished activity costs will not be able to return.

8. For activities hiking; agree to abide by the following provisions:

    – Do not overtake the main guide/ leader

    – Do not take short cut

    – Do not trek alone

    – Do not race

    – Do not litter and cigarette buttsŠ

9. Please be at meeting place five minutes in advance of departure. Late or non-arrival will not be able to request for refund.

10. Our local partner/guide may shoot photos and published in the Facebook page. Participants must agree to let our partner to have free right to use the photos. Participants are also encouraged to provide their photos afterwards on a voluntary basis to us/our partners, who will also be deemed to have free access to the photos.