Mt Fuji Fujinomiya Trail

Mt Fuji Fujinomiya Trail

Shiradashi Col @ Mt.Oku-Hodaka-dake climbing

Hike up Yarisawa valley to Mt.Yarigatake-see center pyramid

Mt Tanigawa summit post

Mt Gassan Snow Trekking

Mt Gassan Summer Trek

East Ginza Circuit - Mt Yarigatake

Mt.Yarigatake (3,180m)

Mt Akadake narrow ridge

Mt Iwodake - rock snow section

Mt Tsurugi - traversing rock section

Mt Kumotori 2017m

Japan Alps

The Japan Alps cover many over 3000m rocky peaks which provide good challenge for your mountain experience. Some are partly technical and can be dangerous, so certain mountain experience and skill are required. Our professional guides will you keep safe, so do not hesitate to challenge to this wonderful massif. Also, there are many spa around the mountains, so you can enjoy it after climbing!

Summer Climbing season: June – October

Winter Climbing Training season: Mar – May
The climbing condition is extremely tough and hard during the winter season, with heavy snow and strong wind. It will be a good step up training for Europe Alps climbing and Himalaya 7000m – 8000m peaks challenge. There are various grade of climbing route and you can choose the suitable mountain for your skill and physical level. You can also choose the very-basic program such as “snow shoe hike”, or “basic of crampons and ice axe use”. Our very experienced guides escort you to the real expedition world.

The mountains in Japan are ideal field to learn the climbing technique, rock, snow, ice, etc. and we provide the suitable climbing session programs for you to learn the specific mountain skills you need.

Schedules of Japan Alps Trekking

Japan AlpsDateCostGradeTrek DaysHighest Alt (m)
4 Days Mt Akadake Winter ClimbMarModerate22899
4 Days Mt Akadake to Mt Iwo Winter ClimbMarModerate22899
4 Days Mt.Tanigawa climbing and snow camp challenge13-16 Apr788Intermediate21977
6 Days Mt.Yarigatake Winter Climb28 Apr- 03 May1748Upper-Intermediate33180
6 Days Mt. Oku-hotaka Winter Climb4-9 May1748Upper-Intermediate33190
6 Days Mt. Mae Hodaka North Ridge ClimbJune –Advance Alpine Climb with basic rock climbing skills23090
3 Days Mt. Gassan & Mt Zao Climb18-20 May, 6-8 Jun1348Moderate21984
4 Days Mt FujiJuly-Aug1228Moderate23776
4 Days Mt. Gassan & Mt Zao Climb4-7 July1598Moderate31984
6 Days East-Ginza Gran Traverse Route / Mt.Yarigatake30 Aug – 04 Sep1920Upper-intermediate33180
6 Days Mt.Tsurugi (The Sword Mountain, 2999m)21-26 Sep1680Technical and Strenuous.33015
6 Days Glacier Park to Mt.Yarigatake27 Sep – 3 OctHard33180
4 Days Highest Peak in Tokyo – Mt Kumotori19-22 Oct628Moderate22017

Cost does not include airfares  and is subject to changes.

Customisation is welcome!