What is Japan Rail Area Pass?

The Japan Rail Area Pass (or Regional Pass) is also the discount train tickets that cover travel of a particular geographic area of Japan. It can be used for limited area only. The map above shows the area passes differentiated by the coloured areas and to be used within the respective area only. (JR Pass is for nationwide travelling within Japan.)

The Area Pass Exchange Order must be purchased before your arrival to Japan, and you can change to the Japan Rail Area Pass when you are in Japan. 

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Japan Area Rail Pass Prices (Updated 16 April 2024)

(Enjoy 10% discount for travel gears at X-Boundaries when you purchase Japan Rail Pass with us!)

Prices of Exchange Orders in SGD

5 Consecutive days18593
7 Consecutive days241120
10 Consecutive days296148
Sapporo-Noboribetsu Area – 4 Days8342
Sapporo-Furano – 4 Days9346

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All Shikoku – 3 days11156
All Shikoku – 4 days13969
All Shikoku – 5 days15779
All Shikoku – 7 days18593
Kagawa Mini Rail & Ferry Pass – 2 days5628

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All Kyushu – 3 days18593
All Kyushu – 5 days208104
All Kyushu – 7 days231116
Northern Kyushu – 3 days11156
Northern Kyushu – 5 days13969
Southern Kyushu – 3 days9346


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  1. Make your order online.
  2. Make your payment after you received your confirmation via email.
  3. Upon received your payment, we will process your order.
  4. We will advise you to collect the exchange order within 7 working days or send to your address at additional delivery fees of $4.90.

Please check with us to arrange issue on the spot via email info@x-trekkers.com or whatsapp 96287591 as we do not entertain walk-in customer without prior arrangement.