Common Question on Japan Rail Pass

Q: Can we get Railpass on the spot?
A: NO. PLEASE DO online registration. You will receive an email on confirmation and payment procedure. Once payment is received, we will proceed to issue the Rail Pass Exchange Order and we will deliver within 7 working days. 

Q: Does Child need to purchase the Railpass?
A: Child below 6yrs of age is FOC (Means child has to seat on adult lap), if require seat cost is half of adult fare.

Q: Can you reserve tickets in advance?
A: Green Car is first class and seats can be guaranteed and you can make seats reservations. Ordinary car is second class though seats is allow for reservations but is non guaranteed.

Q: Does all types of bullet train allow Ordinary Ticket?
A: Yes except Nozomi.

Q: Can Nationwide Railpass covers all the whole of Japan prefectures?
A: Yes Nationwide railpass covers not only JR Limited trains (example JR Yamanote line in Tokyo), bullet trains, JR Ferry, JR Bus only. Underground train run by private company is not covered by JR Rail Pass.

Q: Can JR Area passes be purchased in Singapore and Japan?
A: Yes they can be purchased outside or inside Japan except Nationwide pass only sell outside Japan. 

Q: How do you account the validity of the passes and Exchange Order?
A: Exchange Order is valid for 3 months. Within 3 months of issuance, you can validate your pass in any JR Exchange office. JR Office will issue a PASSPORT (2 page booklet) and stamped the validation date of your intention date of usage and it valid on no of days accordingly to the type of pass you purchase.

Q: What is a flexible pass? (4 or 5 available in different area example Hokkaido 4 days Flexi Pass, 5 Days JR East, Tohoku Flexible… etc?
A: It means that within 14 days of your days of travelling you can use with any 4 days or 5 days, non continuously, which starts on the first date you determine your pass usage.