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Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen Dinner Course

Kannabe Lava Flow Trek

 07 Days Kansai Experience by Rail (Self-Guided)

From the olden days, Kansai has been at the center of history as the capital of Japan and has created the history of Japan. Over the eternal history of 1400 years, Kansai has charmed visitors with its history, nature and culture where faith, myths and legends were born.

Join us in this trip to touch the traditional & natural beauty, spiritual culture and aesthetic sense of life and culture. Experience a tour to the “Flower of Japan, KANSAI” with its World Heritage Sites and spectacular landscapes using the JR Pass.

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Itinerary & Cost


Day 01 Kansai Airport – Kinosaki Onsen

After getting off plane, continue by JR “Kinosakionsen” to Kinosaki Onsen (about 4-5 hours). Kinosaki is a 1300 year old Onsen town. You can stroll around in Yukata (a casual version of the Kimono) and enjoy bathes outside of your accommodations.

【Dinner】Japanese style course
【Hotel】Mikuniya Ryoken traditional Japanese Room or the same level

Day 02 Kinosaki Onsen
Spend your time in Kinosaki to explore and unwind in this wonderful place. Aside from the invigorating hot springs (onsens) for which the town is famous, one can discover many other attractions, both within Kinosaki and the surrounding Tajima region. In the town, you can visit Mugiwara-zaiku Densyoukan Museum (Japanese Straw-work), Bungeikan Museum (art and literature), Onsen Temple and the Ropeway (you can also trek up the hill on a clearly marked, tranquil and scenic trail within 40 minutes).

【Bus Tour】Join the Zentan Bus Sightseeing tour (9am – 2pm) with 3 stops at Genbudou (famous for unique caves), the Jibasan Center (see and buy local products) and the picture-postcard beautiful town of Izushi, where one can stroll in the peaceful surroundings, browse Japanese ceramics or eating the local speciality – Izushi soba. Reservations are necessary and can be made at your hotel, ryokan or at the bus station.

【Cycling】Rent a bicycle from the Kinosaki Onsen Tourism Association to explore the neighbouring region, such as Kounotori Park (White Stork Park – about 16km), Kinosaki Marine World at the coast of the Sea of Japan (about 5km).

【Trekking】Take a trek at “Kannabe Lava Flow” which is formed by the eruption of Mt Kannabe (469.5m), sending a flow of lava along the Inanbagawa River and reached as far as 15km downstream on the Maruyamagawa River. The magnificent scenery was formed by the Kannabe lava flow and the river erosion. Most waterfalls and pools are centered near Mt Kannabe between Tawaradaki Waterfall and Jugodaki Waterfall. It is best to join a trekking tour to fully enjoy the trail in a safe environment.

【Breakfast】 At hotel
【Dinner】Japanese style course
【Hotel】Mikuniya Ryoken traditional Japanese Room or the same level

Day 03 Kyoto by the Sea
Continue by Kyoto Tango Railway to Amino Station (about 1-1.5hrs). On arrival, pickup and transfer to your Inn. Here you can experience programs unique to Kyotango with its natural wonders and traditional lifestyles. Right here at the Inn, you got the best hot spring baths and the finest dining around. Soak in the soothing hot waters of Taiza Onsen and savour the freshest local seafood. Taiza crab is known as the finest around  and the owner of the Inn heads out to auctions to select the absolute cream of the crop. Immerse yourselves in the beauty of nature and try wearing the kimono here with the beautiful scenery, or try vegetable picking such as fresh tomatoes, corn, potherb mustard and more.

【Breakfast】 At hotel
【Dinner】Totoya Inn & Fine Dining or the same level
【Hotel】Totoya Inn & Fine Dining or the same level

Day 04 Kyoto by the Sea

Below are some of the experiential programs you can find at Kyoto by the Sea.

Net Fishing】 Watch the sunrise amid spectacular scenery in the UNESCO-designated San’in Kaigan Geopark. Get an up-close view of the fishermen at work in these glorious surroundings, catching local fish using time-honoured techniques such as traditional fixed-net fishing [Apr-Sep].

【Sushi Chef】 Experience as a suhsi chef as you assemble yourselves from fish that was just caught, as you enjou both making and feasting on the freshest sushi around! [Late Mar – Early Nov]

【Blue Grotto/ Love Grotto Exploration】 Board a small boat and explore the wondrous scenery of cliffs, caverns and clear blue water, where a visit to one grotto is believed by the local will deepens the love between couples! Afterward, enjoy a barbecue of freshly caught seafood along with the fishermen. [Jun – Sep]

【Turban Shell Fishing & BBQ】 Get on a fishing boat and experience turban shell fishing, then barbeque the fresh turban shells right there on the beach! [Jun – Sep]

【Geo-Trekking】 Trek along the beautiful coastline and enjoy its bizarrely shaped cliffs and boulders.

【Snowshoe trekking】 Experience trekking in snowshoes on wintry mountains that are gentle even for beginners. The marvellous snow -covered scenery of Kyotango awaits you! [Nov – Mar]

【Tradition homestay】Experience stay at an old tradition house with DIY preparation and dining on local vegetable tempura and mushroom hotpot.

【Breakfast】 At hotel
【Dinner】Totoya Inn & Fine Dining or the same level
【Hotel】Totoya Inn & Fine Dining or the same level

Day 05 Lake Biwa
Continue by train to Ogoto Onsen Station – at Lake Biwa, the largest lake in the country (about 3 – 4.5 hours). You can enjoy nature, culture, art, food and many other things here. The beautiful Lake Biwa will touch your hearts!

At Otsu City, below are some recommendations:

【Biwako Valley】 Take a ropeway up Biwako Valley for a panorama view of the mother lake Biwa. Experience the thrilling and exciting zip-lining here at about 3600 feet down Mount Horai, and feel like a bird flying over Lake Biwa. During winter, you can also do skiing here.

【Hieizan Enryakuji Temple】 With a history of more than 1200 years, this temple is on Mt Hiei and is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its rich history and tradition. From here, you can also have a great view of Lake Biwa from Mt Hiei’s pathways.

【Cycling/ Driving/ Ferry】 Enjoy the view of Lake Biwa while driving and cycling which you can rent in front of most stations, such as Otsu Station or Hikone Station. Travel to the three islands on Biwako by ferry or take the paddlewheel boat “Michigan” ~ one of Lake Biwa’s treasures, this pleasure boat has been designed to replicate the paddlewheel boats that sail the Mississippi River in the U.S.

【Water sports】 Many children will gather at Lake Biwako and enjoy water sports, camping and international communication, through interacting with children from othr countries. You can have fun in wakeboarding or doing other water sports, such as kayaking.

【White Water Rafting】 A funny guy will lead you on this great adventure rafting and water tubing down the river, with funny jokes and laughter!

【Breakfast】 At hotel
【Dinner】 At hotel
【Hotel】Hotel Yuzanso or same level

Day 06 Lake Biwa

Take a day trip by train to visit :

【Hikone Castle】This is one of the best castles in Japan. You can stroll through the castle which retaines its original appearance (about 1.5hr train ride)

【Kurokabe Square】The intersection where Kitakuni Kaido and Otemondori meet in the center of Nagahama. This is a beautiful street with many glass-related stores (17 mins train ride from Hikone Station)

【Kyoto】 Visit the old capital of Japan which is just 21 mins train ride.

【Breakfast】 At hotel
【Dinner】 At hotel
【Hotel】Hotel Yuzanso or same level

Day 07 Departure

Depart Lake Biwa by train to Kansai International Airport for your flight home.

【Breakfast】 At hotel

07 Days Kansai Experience by Rail (Self-Guided)

LAND Price per person in SGD: Check with us for the latest price!

Tour Code: JPN-KER_7

LAND Price includes

  • 6 Nights Accommodation as per itinerary
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • 7 Days Japan Rail Pass (Ordinary)

Price excludes

  • All airfare + taxes
  • All Rail Pass not covered
  • Other transport not mentioned
  • All other meals not mentioned
  • All other entrance fees or tour not mentioned
  • Travel insurance

Mikuniya Ryoken (Kinosaki Onsen) – Just 3 minutes walk from Kinosaki Onsen Station, this Ryoken generally makes you feel warm, relaxed and comfortable in a tradition Japanese room.


Totoya Inn & Fine Dining (Kyoto by the Sea) – Your home based for experiential programs at Kyoto by the Sea.

Hotel Yuzanso (Lake Biwa) – a hot spring hotel and geographically located on Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, for you to enjoy hot spring and delicious cuisine in the hotel.

  • Please list any requests you might have, such as extra bed, special diet, additional meals, sightseeing tour not in list, etc.

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