Gunung Tahan, 2187 metres (7174 ft), is the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia. The mountain is situated inside Taman Negara, on the Pahang-Kelantan border. The mountain is part of the Tahan Range in the Tenasserim Hills and is popular with local climbers.

In the Malay language, ‘gunung’ means ‘mountain’, while ‘tahan’ means ‘endure’. Thus, the name of the mountain suggests that a certain level of physical endurance is required to conquer it. Gunung Tahan is considered by many to be one of the toughest treks in Peninsular Malaysia.

There are three trails to the summit, commonly referred to as:

1) Kuala Tahan-Kuala Tahan
2) Merapoh-Kuala Tahan or Kuala Tahan-Merapoh
3) Merapoh-Merapoh

The Kuala Tahan classic trail is the oldest and most scenic trail. A return trip on this trail typically takes seven days. Climbers have to trek across undulating ridges and make several river crossings before finally reaching the foot of the mountain to make the final ascent. Climbers without adequate physical fitness or training are not advised to attempt Gunung Tahan.

The other two trails are from Merapoh (Sungai Relau). The Merapoh-Merapoh trail is significantly shorter than the other two. A return trip on the Merapoh trail takes 3–4 days.

A traverse from Kuala Tahan to Merapoh (or the other way around) takes around 5-7 days. The Merapoh – Kuala Tahan trail requires about 100 km trek, passing through low altitude primary jungle, across rivers, up to a cool mountain plateau. Gunung Tahan is at the top end of the plateau. The trek starts at Sungai Relau, a 13-km drive from the jungle headquarters of Taman Negara at Kuala Juram. The Park can be reached by van from the station at Merapoh or Gua Musang.

Coping with the trek depends on your fitness – both physical and mental, the choice of suitable equipment and the load you carry on your back. The weight you can carry depends on your age, fitness and body weight. A maximum of one-quarter of body weight is a good guide in humid, hot conditions as in Gunung Tahan. However, packs must be kept as light as possible: 15-20 kg is what to expect for this trek up Gunung Tahan.

10 Days Gunung Tahan (Departure from Singapore)
Days of trek: 07
Trail: Kuala Tahan – Merapoh or vice versa; Kuala Tahan – Kuala Tahan
Cost in SGD : $ 680 per person
Based on min 8 persons
Join in Date: 1-10 Aug 2020

07 Days Gunung Tahan (Departure from Singapore)
Days of trek: 05
Trail: Merapoh – Merapoh
Cost in SGD : From $ 500 per person
Based on min 8 persons

Join in Date: 1-7 May 2020

Price is subject to changes
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