The head restaurant situated in Laguiole, France inherits the unique gastronomic philosophy and world view of genius chef Michel Bras. As the first branch ever to be established, Michel Bras TOYA Japon opened its doors in Toya, Hokkaido, Japan in 2002. On the plate, brilliant colors, aromas, tastes, flowing movement, and sensory elegance of the famed specialty “gargouillou” turned the tide of French cuisine in the world. Vegetables, herbs, and seeds fundamental to Michel Bras are beautifully presented in this signature dish.

Another specialty ‘coulant’, which means ‘flowing’ or ‘streaming’ was invented by Michel Bras in 1981. Put a knife to the biscuit and out flows the warm chocolate filling. This dessert whose contrast of warm and cold, texture, and flavor of chocolate become one on the plate, spread throughout the world and is said to evoke supreme bliss when taken with wine from the Bras selection.

Every November, Michel Bras and his son Sébastien, and staff from Laguiole visit Toya to share exciting new creations to beloved guests. We wish to provide this wonderful experience of supreme quality ingredients of Hokkaido in harmony with Bras philosophy.