Minakami ~ Japan’s Premier Outdoor Activities Destination

Minakami – located 2-2.5 hours away from Tokyo, is an amazing place for hot spring day trips and outdoor activities.

  • White Water Rafting – May to October (Best season: May & June)
  • Canyoning – June to September (Abseiling and jumping waterfalls and cliffs, cascading down natural chutes and waterslides and swimming through crystal clear pools
  • Lake Canoe – May to November (Best season: October & November for canoe in autumn leave
  • Bungee – April to Oct (at Suwa Kaikyo, 42m or Sarugakyo Bungy, 62m with certificate)
  • MTB – April to Oct (combine with either rafting or canyoning)
  • SUP – April to Oct (Standup Paddle: combine with either rafting or canyoning)
  • Paragliding – April to Oct (Tandem or experience: combine with either rafting or canyoning)
  • Winter Season – Beginning December to Mar (It starts snowing on the middle of November on the mountain in Minakami. The snow resorts opens from beginning December with 9 ski resorts. Enjoy Powder Snow!!)
  • Snow Activities – Skiing, snow boarding, snow tubing, snow shoeing, snow mobile
  • Takuminosato – Craftmen’s village (Gets hands on experience with traditional Japanese handiworks with more than 20 craftsmen’s shops to choose from. A charming place with the atmosphere of a modern handicraft village)
    • Make straw sandals
    • Mask painting
    • Teacup pottery
    • Woodcraft – bookstand and tissue box case building
  • Fruits picking – (40 tourist farms, especially in Dole land Minakami, you can enjoy picking fruit throughout the year!)
    • Strawberry : Jan to Jun
    • Cherries : Jun to July
    • Blueberries : July
    • Nectarines : July to Sep
    • Peaches, Plums & Small Grapes : Aug
    • Japanese Pears & Large Grapes : Aug to Sep

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