Mount Fuji Meditative Hike

5 day itinerary

Mount Fuji Meditative Hike

Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Japan: Shizuoka
Land Price: S$ 1808
Size: 8-16 pax
Date: 12-16 August 2024


This walk is a wonderful experience for nature enthusiasts seeking a tranquil and introspective journey.
Duration:5 days and 4 nights
Destination: Mt. Fuji, Japan
Trail: Subashiri Trail (less crowded and more scenic)
1. Summit Experience: At 3776m, Mt. Fuji’s summit offers a rare opportunity to walk around the giant crater and enjoy panoramic 360-degree views.
2. Suitable Pace: The hike is designed for people of all ages with reasonable fitness and health. The pace is easy, allowing ample time to soak in the surroundings and meditate on the ascent and descent.
3. Guided Experience: You’ll be guided by a local mountain guide who will teach breathing and walking techniques, making the climb comfortable and enjoyable.
4. Cultural Exchange: Joining a group from Japan adds a cultural exchange element to the hike, enhancing the overall experience.
5. Tranquil Environment: Experience the tranquility of Japanese forests on the lower hill slopes and witness awe-inspiring volcanic scenery as you ascend above the forest line.

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Happiest when she is outdoors, Su Lin has been an avid traveller for most of her life, going off the beaten tracks and discovering the wonders of nature.

Mount Fuji

Meditative Hike
Trip Itinerary
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