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For Japan Winter Hiking Tour

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For maximum comfort, favours a “multi-layer” clothing system: warm underwear (tights + jersey – fibers wicking away perspiration) + sweatshirt or fleece jacket, jacket and over-trousers with waterproof and breathable membrane (“Gore-Tex” type or equivalent) for bad weather. In general and outside of hot climates and countries, avoid cotton which retains moisture close to the body (and dries with difficulty) in favour of suitable synthetic materials. Merino wool garments are very efficient and pleasant to wear, and have the advantage of not developing the smell of perspiration!

at your maximum comfort

On the Hike

    After the day hike

    • A change of clothes and personal base layer (quick dry material) for the evening
    • Spare shoes/ sneakers for the evening
    • Toiletry bag
    • Eco-friendly shopping bag and any other item to reduce single-use plastic waste
    • A mini- pharmacy: personal medication, surgical masks, hydroalcoholic gel, dressings, sterile compresses and bandages, gauzes, disinfectant, arnica granules and aspirin, etc. (note the non-exhaustive list to be adapted according to your own medical needs).
    • Enough face masks for the number of travel days (available to purchase locally)
    • Cellphone power bank


    A comfortable 30-50L Backpack with waist belt for your day’s necessities (warm clothing, a raincoat, water-bottle, sunscreen and identity papers) and a little room for snacks.

    • A bag cover
    • Follow-up luggage: a backpack, a travel bag in good condition, or a suitcase not too much cumbersome.

    This list is given as an indication and must be adapted according to the stay and the season in which you are leaving.

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