Safe Management Measurements For Tours

The following social distancing & safety measures (SMM) will be enforced during Phase 2:

  • Please monitor your health condition and DO NOT turn up if unwell. You can keep as credit for future tour.
  • Please measure your own temperature on the day. If more than 37.5 deg celcius, please DO NOT turn up for the tour. You can keep as credit for future tour.
  • Our guide or safety officer will be taking temperature of all participants before the start of each tour and disallowing any participant that is febrile (i.e. feverish) and/or appear to be unwell with the specified symptoms from participating in the tour. The affected participant can keep as credit for future tour.
  • We will provide at all times easily accessible disinfecting agents like hand sanitisers, disinfectant sprays, paper towels and wipes for the free use of participants and staff during the tour and on coaches (e.g. sufficient stock of hand sanitisers on coaches – if you are on a conveyance tour) as well as adequate handheld thermometers and masks on coaches – if you are on a conveyance tour.
  • All our staff in charge of the participants are familiar with the specified symptoms, and are well-briefed on all relevant safe management measures.
  • Please wash your hands with water and soap, or use hand sanitisers if water and soap is unavailable, before the start of tour.
  • All participants MUST provide the contact details as we will be taking and keeping for contact tracing
  • A pre-tour briefing will be conducted to ensure that all SMMs relevant to participants are conveyed.
  • If you are aged ≥60 years or have pre-existing medical conditions (higher risk of developing serious health complications if infected with COVID-19), you should take additional precautions to safeguard your health and wellbeing.
  • You are encouraged to use the TraceTogether app or device.
  • We will be using portable audio tour guide system, or equivalent, with individual headsets/ear-pieces to be worn throughout the conduct of the tour.
  • We recommend using your own individual headsets/ear-pieces if you have.
  • We will require every participant and staff to wear a mask during the tour, except where allowed under the Control Order (e.g. where eating, drinking or taking medication, engaging in strenuous physical exercise such as cycling and kayaking etc.).
  • Participants and staff will need to maintain at least 1m spacing.
  • No intermingling between different sub-groups at all times.
  • Participants and staff will need to use the SafeEntry, where available, at each place of interest in the tour.
  • During the tour, participants that may display the specified symptoms will be required to immediately leave the tour to seek medical treatment or, if the individual is not able to leave the tour to seek medical treatment, we will isolate the individual from others, provide surgical masks, maintain safe distance, and arrange for the individual to obtain medical treatment.
  • For tours with conveyance, participants are required to keep to the same seats through the journey, including between destinations, and to board and disembark from the conveyance in an orderly manner that minimises physical interaction.
  • We will be avoiding peak periods at retail or F&B shops and other place of interest and there will be a contingency plan for alternative itinerary, in the event that there is insufficient occupancy capacity at any retail or F&B shops or other place of interest.
  • Participants are encouraged to follow the tour itinerary and not leaving the group unnecessary.
  • Participants are advised to retain the TraceTogether app on their mobile phones to support contact tracing efforts even after the tour.
  • All tour equipment such as portable audio tour guide system are cleaned and disinfected periodically within each day, including after every tour run. Where reasonably practicable, disposable earpieces will be used for portable audio tour guide system and disposed after the participant has finished using them.
  • Conveyance used such as tour buses, trishaws, yachts, river boats, etc. are cleaned and disinfected at least 3 times a day or more depending on frequency of usage.
  • Sufficient cleaning equipment (e.g. detergent, waste buckets) is made available for cleaning staff and that they do not reuse cleaning solution mixtures between tour runs.