Self Drive in Wakkanai Introduction


Self-drive holiday in Hokkaido with the availability of English GPS system and a sophiscated mapcode system, made self  drive in Hokkaido a breeze.. and certainly an enjoyable experience with it’s myriad sceneries!logo_wakkanai



Renting a car and touring is easy in Hokkaido – probably easier than anywhere else in Japan for foreign visitors. With access to big national parks limited to sometimes lengthy train and bus connections, driving is the most convenient way to get around in a short time.

All the main tourist areas, national parks and cities have clear English signage. If you can read some Kanji remember that some local place names are unusual pronunciations because they are actually based on Ainu words and not Japanese!

Tourist require an international driver’s license plus a valid licensed from your home country to rent a car in Japan. Please note that only international driver’s licenses issued by Geneva Convention Signatory nations are recognized by Japan.

Before you leave for Hokkaido, please check the expiry date of your international driver’s license.

Important information will be provided in English. This includes safety tips, parking rules, etc. The rental car shop will also explains how to use the car navigation system – MAPCODE.

By using the Car Navigation System and MAPCODE, you can enjoy your trip more easily. MAPCODE – an up-to ten-digit number, provides positional data for many places around Japan. It can be used for not only a MAPCODE-capable car navigation system, but also a cellular phone, personal computer and PDA. The car navigation system is a useful system which guides you to your destination with a single push on the touch screen.


Types of Car Rental

Map of Hokkaido

Map of Hokkaido

Hokkaido drive distance-time

Hokkaido drive distance-time

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