Singapore Event Registration

  • Please include all list of guests (name, NRIC/FIN, contact number) for Singapore Islands Outings. This is for usage of permit application and boat charter.

    * denotes compulsory entry

  • Participant’s Particulars

  • For Island Trip ONLY
  • For Island Trip ONLY

  • Person To Notify In Case Of Emergency

    I am aware that my/my child's/my ward's attendance in the trip/tour/activity under the arrangements of X-Trekkers Adventure Consultant Pte Ltd ("X-Trekkers") and its agents or associates, involves a certain amount of risk. It is also intended only for those without significant medical problems (including recent infections or injuries). I shall not hold the X-Trekkers' staff, agent or contractor responsible for any damage to or loss of property or any injury or loss of life which may be sustained by me/my child/my ward during the trip/tour/activity or arising from any cause in connection with the trip.I have also carefully read and do agree to all the conditions as stated under the heading “Terms and Conditions”, especially noting the policy on cancellations and refunds. I have also carefully read the above paragraphs, Assumption of All Risks and Release of Liability.
    Epilepsy, fainting attacks, migraine, severe head injury, Previous fractures, tendon/ligament damage, Previous operations, Suffering from or carrier of any infectious disease (e.g. hepatitis B), Physical disabilities, On medications now, Other past illnesses
  • ^ For Island Trip ONLY
    I confirm that I consent to X-Trekkers Adventure Consultant Pte Ltd ("X-Trekkers")'s collection and use of my personal data for the purpose of this booking, as well as disclosure to X-Trekkers's employees, systems, third party processing systems and other third party service providers such as hotel operator for the purpose of the above booking. For more information, please refer to our “Privacy Policy”.