We have engaged X-Trekkers to organize our student service learning trips to Shangri-la, Yunnan, for three years, and I would highly recommend them to anyone or any organization that is planning an expedition.

X-Trekkers’ professionalism and dedicated service can be seen in all stages of the expedition. The committed staff were involved from the beginning, handling pre-trip briefings to student teams, where they disseminated useful tips on the packing list and took questions from parents. The Adventure Leaders provided by X-Trekkers in the two trips that I had been on were also highly professional and helpful, in particular Mr Tan Lai Huat, who went beyond the call of duty as a co-trip leader to participate fully in our team activities, and became a mentor to many students in the expedition this year.

X-Trekker’s team both on the ground in Singapore and in the field ensured that all safety requirements, transfers and logistics were well-planned. Mr Wong Yuen Lik was a great pleasure to work with in the field. He was very flexible and accommodating, and always went ahead of the team to ensure that all the necessary connections had been set up. This helped the trips to run efficiently and enabled the teacher advisors to focus on student facilitation. Yuen Lik’s familiarity with the local area and his heart for community service programmes were great bonuses to the teams, as he was able to make good recommendations in terms of project scope, as well as value-add to the original itinerary. This enabled our students to enjoy diverse experiences and get the most out of their two-week expedition.

We highly appreciate the excellent service rendered by X-Trekkers and we strongly believe that they were integral to the success of our expeditions.