5 Days Mt Bromo, Mt Semeru, Tumpak Sewu

Date: 31 July – 04 Aug 2020

Located in the heart of earth’s ring of fire belt and towering tall at 3,676 masl, Mt. Semeru is the highest peak in Java, and the third tallest volcano in Indonesia. With its tough climb that tests the limit of one’s mettle, not only physically, but also mentally, it rewards those who manages to conquer it with heavenly vistas: the serene lake of Ranu Kumbolo, the paradisiacal lavender-filled meadow of Oro Oro Ombo, and the majestic view of Java in the summit of Mahameru, makes it the dream of almost all local mountaineers aspire to ascend. Mt. Bromo, at 2,329 masl, is the most iconic natural landscape in Indonesia. Even with its top completely blown off, it still beckons majestically with the crater inside constantly belches white sulphurous smoke. It may be not the tallest mountain in Indonesia but its stunning beauty lies in its unearthly dramatic setting, which swoons many travellers with its incredible golden sunrise.

08 Days Jogja-Solo-Bromo-Ijen-Surabaya

From the centre of Java to the east, we will travel to the mighty Mt Bromo. Mt Bromo is one of Indonesia’s most famous volcanoes. Its Sea of Sand within is coated with fine volcanic sediment. On the way we will also visit the largest Buddhist monument on earth, the Borobudur Temple, one of the country’s most remarkably built structures and a place of prayer and pilgrimage..