06 Days Old Elephant Trek,Chiang Mai

Release the adventurer in you through one of the oldest trade routes in Northern Thailand in this six day long expedition along the Thai-Myanmar border. With this exciting adventure Thailand tour, you will march through jungles and ridgelines, meet indigenous hill tribe people, and reward yourself with awesome scenes of northern Thailand’s countryside.

04 Days Mae Taeng Trek, Chiang Mai

If you have visited Chiang Mai before and would like to discover the area in greater detail with treks through the beautiful landscape, then our Mae Taeng Trek in Depth Thailand tour is the perfect package for you! After your adventure filled days, enjoy exotic jungle dinners or elephant rides through the rain forest with the hospitable hill tribe people.

04 Days Salawin River Hill Tribes Trek, Chiang Mai

Get off the beaten track with this four day soft-adventure Thailand tour through jungles, rivers and hilltribe villages. Our Salawin River Hilltribes Trek explores one of the country’s least visited regions on foot, by boat and on elephant back. With overnight homestays travelers get to experience, first hand, the unique cultures and traditions of the Karen and Rawang people.

03 Days Tham Lod Trek, Chiang Mai

Tham Lod Trek is designed for the active who will enjoy adventures through Thailand’s mountains while also immersing themselves into the lives of the locals. You will definitely get your share of treks, mountain climbing, and other exciting activities as well as spending your nights with hill tribe families and discovering their unique way of living with this Thailand tour adventure.