Mt Rinjani Trek ~ Lombok

Join In Date 2022: 27-30 May, 17-20 Jun, 8-11 July, 6-9 Aug, 2-5 Sep, 21-24 Oct, 25-28 Nov, 9-12 Dec 2022

The trek up Mt Rinjani is not to be taken lightly; it’s the third highest mountain in Indonesia standing at around 4,000 meters and takes a full day to reach the rim of the Crater Lake just below the summit. Lenticular clouds hang over Rinjani, shaped as a flying saucer they form in really high wind speeds above peaks and create a spectacular drape on the mean volcano. Mount Rinjani was created from a volcano, the crater being filled by a lake which has bred it’s own mini baby volcano, only 10 years old.