03-04 Days YOGYA Adventures

See the real and the most exotic side of Yogyakarta. Explore the wonders of Mount Merapi with 4WD Legendary Jeep Willys – American Jeeps. During the trip we can trace the slope of Mt. Merapi that is totally destroyed after the last great eruption of Merapi in November 4th and 5th, 2010. Elo River rafting is of grade II that means it is safe enough for beginners. With some challenges of the rapid current of the river along with some big rocks in it, the trip will take around 2.5 hours to finish a 12.5-km track. That’s challenging enough to increase your adrenaline even if you have tried river rafting before. ”Cave Tubing” is the mixture of rafting and caving using tubes as float. It is a wonder experience as you float down in the underground rivers, with a cluster of bats and sparkling with the beauty of stalactite formations. Be sure to bring along a waterproof camera. Come in the mysteriously realm where the river breaks through into the underground.