Via Ferrata Guidelines


Minimum requirement for eligibility to stay in Pendant Hut

  1. Pendant Hut is the accommodation for guest(s) who are booked on Mountain Torq’s Via Ferrata and Alpine Sports Climbing itineraries.
  2. Guest(s) must be:
    • Minimum 10 years old
    • Weigh less than 100kg
    • At least 1.3m in height
    • Meet Sabah Parks’ health requirement
    • Do not have any physical disabilities that may restrict the guest(s)’ ability to participate in the activity in a safe manner.

      Guest Details

      For guest (s) without any medical condition:

      Completed guest details must be submitted to X-Trekkers preferably upon booking or within 6 days of the bookingsconfirmation. Details or changes submitted within 6 days of the guests arrival date will be subjected to a levy of between SGD20 to SGD40 per pax. In the case where bookings are made within 8 days of arrival date, completed guest details will have to be submitted upon booking.

      For guest(s) requiring special consideration:

      Details must be highlighted to X-Trekkers within 6 days of booking or at least one month before the arrival date, the earlier date will apply.

      X-Trekkers requires medical clearance letter to certify that the guest(s) is/ are fit to undertake the trek up to the summit and proceed with the via ferrata activity above 3600m a.s.l. Our partner reserves the right to contact the customer directly to assess the guest(s)’ eligibility to participate in their selected Via Ferrata’s activities, if/as deemed necessary. X-Trekkers & our partner reserve the right to refuse the guest(s) from participating without refund or reimbursement if insufficient time is given to X-Trekkers to ascertain the guest(s)’ eligibility.

      Any request to consider this/ these guest(s) to stay at Pendant Hut and proceed with activity that comes less than 1 month will not be entertained.

      Check-In & Verification Process

      1. All guests booked for Via Ferrata itinerary must personally present their original identification document during verification at Kinabalu Park Office. Guests will not be verified without these documents. Guest(s) are highly advised to personally verify their details during registration at the office.

      2. Guests must be registered and verified latest by 8.30 a.m. on the actual arrival date. Late registration will not be entertained without approval from Sabah Parks.

      Safety Briefing

      Guests must attend the compulsory Via Ferrata safety briefing and training session at Pendant Hut, between 3.00 to 4.00 p.m. There will be NO repeat briefing and NO Via Ferrata on the next day should the guests miss the mandatory briefing.

      Refund/ Reimbursement

      1. Guest(s) must arrive at the Via Ferrata starting point before 6.30a.m. (LPC) and 7.15a.m. (WTT). Guest(s) who miss the cut-off time will not be allowed on the Via Ferrata. Any request for reimbursement will not be entertained.

      2. No partial refunds or credit will be given for unused services. In the event of inclement weather where the activity is terminated, there shall be no refund accorded. Activity cancellation is STRICTLY due to SAFETY REASON.